Midtown Arson

If you live in Midtown Atlanta you may already know about the arsonist.

Here’s an article at WXIA’s website. A relevant quote:

…The string of fires started more than a six weeks ago in an area of northeast Atlanta and runs from Lenox Rd. to Virginia-Highland…

Sounds to me like some psycho is finding his sealegs there in the VA Highlands-Midtown area. Why psycho? Read on. Now, if you don’t want to click, I’ll just try to quote something relevant from the site found in that link.

…(the developing serial killer) becomes almost incapable of interacting properly with the outside world, because his thinking patterns are all turned inward, designed only to stimulate himself in an attempt to reduce tensions, which only reinforces his isolation: a loop has developed. The effects of his antisocial acts (i.e. cruelty to animals and other children, arson) become incorporated into his fantasies, which are pushed to a more intensively violent level…

The emphasis was mine, by the way.

So let’s hope he gets caught but fast. So far the fires are set in areas that make it seem as if they are not completely directed at total destruction. That just means the freak is working up to it.

Firebugs freak me out. So you will know I’m not thumbing my nose and saying “nyah, see why I don’t want to live in town!” I’ll give you an example – I worked in dinky little New Albany, Indiana, a bucolic little town just across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky, with a dude who had his freak on for fires. He worked the three night shifts at the TV station I didn’t work. That fourth night we both worked a kind of swing shift that had us overlap for several hours. So I got to hear about every freaking fire between New Albany, Jeffersonville, and Bloomington to the north. My man – I’ll call him Leapin’ Lenny – (a very funny image considering he was a good 290-300 lbs.) – stayed up all night on his nights off too, with all sorts of scanners running in his bedroom and car, and the moment a fire call went out he was out of bed with video camera and heading in right behind the fire trucks and cops. Later he would try and sell the video to Louisville area TV stations.

Frankly, he always gave me cold chills when he started in on his love of these events. His drooling fascination with them. I soon concluded Leapin’ Lenny had a hand in some of these conflagrations, and still wonder if to this day he’s roaming northern Kentucky and southern Indiana with video camera and accelerants at the ready.

So, to my buddies in Midtown Atlanta, be on the lookout for innocuous looking freaks hanging in your breezeways for no good reason and the civilian with the camera roaming around after the fire call goes out. Just a general bit of advice. Be safe.

Be vigilant.

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  1. Billy Mack (unregistered) on September 30th, 2004 @ 12:55 am

    You worked in N’Albany? I had a fraternity brother from there and he was as crazy as they come. There must not be much to do around those parts. Isn’t that also close to Floyd’s Knob? A better name for a city there never was…

    I went to school in Bloomington, by the way, so I may have heard about some of Lenny’s lightings and just didn’t know I would someday have a link to the arsonist. :)

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