Oh. My. God.

I wouldn’t have believed it if I had not seen the advertisement on TV just now. I’m linking it, too….
The Ten Tenors.

At the fabulous Fox dontcha know. Apparently it’s 10 guys with high voices singing what sounds like the BeeGees and Styx’s greatest hits, among other things. All of them svelte, good-looking young guys, and of course they sing with microphones.

I think I might be sick.

Now, of course you’re thinking, if you’ve read many of my entries on the metroblog, that there is some sort of professional jealousy at work.

Nope. Actually it’s more like artistic disgust. I know, hey, these guys have jobs. Still, the world of tenordom has been forever cheesed beyond belief by such things. Not like being a tenor wasn’t cheesy enough already, you have to have 10 guys come along – and I’m thinking only a few of these guys are probably actually trained to be classical vocalists – calling themselves tenors and singing DISCO hits fer the luvva christ. One thing you won’t be going to the Fabulous Fox for that night is a testosterone injection.

Eh. Well, I linked it, so now somebody go and tell me how irritating it was.

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