Atlanta in the fall

…so today was spent reading Princess Diaries in John Howell Park … Haven’t had the time to hang out over there since the Cunard Memorial Playground was finished. It is beautiful… and incredibly innovative… made me wish that I was kid (or honestly, made me wish there weren’t so many kids around so that I could’ve really enjoyed myself). I could have stayed there all day … but thanks to my extremely carniverous appetite, and a heaping order of Ruprict Nachos from Moe’s (with double steak) .. I was sleepy, thirsty, and a tad bit …um …FLATULENT …I know, I know… too much information but…what’s a little gas between friends -eh?

Now, tomorrow … I’m heading to Mercer to watch my bud play flag football again … the season started last week… GO 1st and Goal! Don’t hurt nobody …betta yet … don’t hurt yourselves!!!
After the last flag is pulled …hopefully, I’ll be able to score some scalped tickets for the Falcon’s game … wish me luck or better yet – HOOK ME UP!!!

In any case, days like today ( I suspect days like tomorrow) that make this “Yankee” love Atlanta – gas and all …

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