Thursday was cool

I took a trip up from Atlanta to Chattanooga, TN yesterday. Driving up I-75 was actually nice. There were lots of trucks on the road as I am sure many of them are headed to Florida to deliver still urgently needed things.

For any new people to Atlanta or for those of us that have not been to the N. Georgia mountains recently, head on up there. I don’t really have any major places to mention to you mainly because you might like a bit of adventure.

Find a map of Georgia, maybe get a travel book but, more importantly, feel free to just get off the Interstate and drive around the back roads. It’s not just the tourist attractions of N. Georgia that make it interesting, it’s the people too. All those country stores, the views, the cleaner air, are part of the adventure.

Anyway, that’s really all for now. I’ll try to get some good shots of the hot spots and put them here so you can see the attractions. Fall has a great feel to it in the mountains and I think you’ll enjoy just kicking around.

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  1. Dave (unregistered) on September 24th, 2004 @ 8:41 am

    Last fall my girlfriend and I decided to head into the mountains to get apple cider. That was pretty much our only plan. We went to some national park for a 3 mile hike or to see some waterfalls, I forget which. Like you suggested, we picked a spot at random and headed out.

    On the way back, I busted out the Atlas that lives in my car that I’ve never used before and said “What’s the most roundabout way we can go home?”

    We had several people stop in the parking lot where we were planning this and ask if we needed directions. “No, we’re just planning an adventure, thanks.”

    So we took off and had no idea where we were going, but it was the perfect time of year to see the fall colors, roll the windows down and just get out. We stopped in all kinds of little touristy town and had a great time. I highly recommend the “random wandering” route in North Georgia. And this is the best time of year (or it will soon be if you can bear to wait a couple of weeks).

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