The UnReal Radio

Brother Seth said it about Dave FM, the wife and I both enjoy the music.

However I’ve got a problem now with another radio station. Real Radio is real gone, yo. Just like that. See, I’m a radio nerd. My first job in broadcasting was in radio – albeit classical radio, but radio – and I will never forget my mechanical digital clock radio from K-Mart, given to me by my Mom on my 11th birthday. A Nashville station was still airing radio theater then, and I got to kick it seriously old school at night listening to the radio after my parents made me turn off the TV.

Real Radio 105.3 was distinctive for being Talk Radio on FM. They had the unfunny and perenially raspy Scott Ferrall and Todd Schnitt – Schnitt twice, first in the morning on his boneheaded MJ Morning Show, then in the afternoon on The Schnitt Show, which was straight talk, and quite political. They also had Coast to Coast and Phil Hendrie. Phil and George and Art (Bell, that is,) are still on WGST, 640 AM, but the rest are gone.

Real Radio, you see, is going real Latin. No more Ferrall. No more MJ/Schnitt.

I didn’t know Real Radio was gone until I put the car radio on 105.3 and heard, alternately, a heartbeat, then a man and woman yelling happily in Spanish about ‘Viva la difererncia, pronto,’ and ‘siete cinco punto tres.’ I am personally ready to boycott that channel on the dial no matter what they put up at this point. Someone owns a radio frequency and can’t seem to make up their damn mind as to what to do with it.

This honestly didn’t turn out to be the rant I wanted it to be because the one show I cared about hearing again, truly, was Phil Hendrie’s, and the powers that be at Clear Channel were smart enough to pop that one back on WGST. Good move guys.

Because my full-time job has been in broadcasting for the last 12 years I do think about the folks who had to have been sacked because of this. It was probably a lot of people, and if it was done the way things are often done in broadcasting it was just this side of brutal and cold hearted. Even the boring and obnoxious Ferrall probably didn’t deserve that kind of treatment.

S’okay. Last I checked Bob and Tom were still on 96.1 and I’ve already mentioned where you can find Coast and Phil Hendrie. I think I can trouble myself to do that much dial flipping.

And for music, there’s still Dave FM.

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