Weird Cars

I really tried to come up with a funnier title for this post, but I really can’t come up with anything. Sorry. However, I don’t lie: this post is about weird cars.

I took many road trips as a kid and I do travel a lot. However, driving daily in Atlanta I see the strangest vehicles. Here’s two of my favorites, anyone else got any? Maybe these guys are Atlanta legends?

Side Car Skeleton Guy – A few years ago I was passed on the interstate by an old chap in a beat up antique motorcycle with all sorts of bumper stickers stuck on the back with phrases like “Kill ’em All (and let God sort ’em out).” He was wearing a leather jacket and a clamshell helmet with a white scarf blowing out behind him like Snoopy when he flew his Sopwith Camel (The Plane not The Band).

The cool thing about him was the side car on the motorcycle. In it was a skeleton in some sort of uniform and mounted to the side-car was an obviously fake machine gun or something. I have no idea who this guy was, but it was incredibly awesome.

American Flag Car Guy – I’m sure there are several people like this, but just yesterday morning I saw a guy in a beat-up pickup truck, long gray beard and a steel army helmet. His truck had at least 20 mini American flags (the little ones on sticks) stuck to it so that they blew in the breeze.

Anyone else seen these guys? Or anyone else that deserves a mention?

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