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I am writing this to point you in the direction of new and original theater. Atlanta is becoming or perhaps has already become a hotbed of theater activity. People come from other places to start their own troupes here.

First up, though this isn’t in any order, is Slide Glide the Slippery Slope – it’s playing at 7 Stages through September 12, is being produced in part by The New Jomandi. There are a number of reasons I put this first, not the least of them being the fact that my friend Minka Wiltz is the actress on the right in the photo you see upon clicking to the page. I have not seen the show yet, but I can claim to have some idea of Minka’s talents – as a singer. She’s also the soprano soloist and section leader to my tenor at Roswell Presbyterian. If she’s even half as good an actress as she is a gifted soprano, then you need to see her now while you can still afford the tickets. She is, to put it mildly, a force of nature as a soprano. (That’s a good thing.) If you’re all about some church come see us there, otherwise, go here to get your ticket to Slide Glide the Slippery Slope. If you want some feeling for the work before you go, read Curt Holman’s review in the August 19th Creative Loafing. Me, Minka, and our friend (and Roswell Pres’s alto soloist,) Teri Sawyer had dinner after church choir rehearsal tonight, and this entry is the result of that bribe Minka slipped me. (Just kidding. Really!) You may see Minka’s name and photo featured prominently in the AJC soon as well.

I wouldn’t be fair to friends old and new if I didn’t also point you in the direction of Sensurround Stagings. The old friend is Aileen Loy. Should she read this she will perhaps be pleased that I pointed you in the direction of Sensurround and displeased that I call her an old friend. We haven’t seen hide nor hair of each other in many a year, but she’s such an old friend that I can remember her running lights as a 5th grader when we were Drama productions in middle school, back in another city that shall remain nameless, due to it’s not being half as cool as Atlanta. (Sorry, hometown.)

Most recently Sensurround has taken Aileen and co-founder of Sensurround Mike Katinsky’s adaptation of Geek Love by Katherine Dunn to NYC. To which I say, Damn. We’re all a long way from running lights backstage at Cameron Middle School now. Like knowing of Minka’s considerable gifts as an operatic soprano, I first knew of Aileen’s gifts as a writer when we both performed as 20-somethings on the open-mic scene in our nameless hometown – a scene she introduced me to after reading my own writing. She has a speaking voice like velvet wrapped around roughly cut wood. Here’s what Curt Holman had to say about a performance of Aileen’s in 2002.

For the record, I don’t know Curt Holman. I link him because he writes reviews that are generous with information and intelligence, whether negative or positive.

(Followup of sorts to my entry about Jimmy Carter spanking Zell Miller.)

My wife is a big fan of Zell Miller’s.(Just scroll down to the comments.) She did tell me she was pretty amused by the image of Zell and Jimmy Carter going mano a mano with cutlasses in a peanut field at dawn.

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