A Tree Doesn’t Grow on North Highland

“Trees bring me comfort, and they bring comfort to the city. Trees breathe life. Trees are ethereal. They possess character, display longevity and blanket the city like a mother’s reassuring touch.” – Rich George – “Going Postal” letter in Creative Loafing

I am comforted no more. Two weeks ago they razed the three trees on my block at the corner of North Highland and Greenwood next to Dark Horse Tavern .

Dark Horse Tavern before they destroyed the trees

Yes, I am from NYC, so the lack of trees should not be a big deal right? Well, there were three trees in my front yard in the Bronx; as well as Bok Choy, Callou, Snow Peas and Raspberries growing in the side yard (only Jamaicans would think to grow Callou and Bok Choy!). I know the upkeep was a mutha (especially after a storm), but these three trees lent a quaintness to the corner filled with restaurants and clothing boutiques.

No more will I use these trees to shade me as I take a break from lugging hair care products back from CVS on hot summer days (My hair needs a load’o products). No more will I use them to hide from people I don’t want to bump into. No more will I use them to steady me on inebriated nights.

Now The Dark Horse looks freakishly bare. And the only evidence left of the three trees are three stumps and some sawdust.

BTW: “Three Stumps and Some Sawdust” that sounds like an apt title for what will be left of the Martin Luther King Jr. historic district after gentrification if some developers have their way.

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