Weather Boy here again. And will y’all look at this;


Current track has mighty Frances, a very strong category 4 on the Saffir-Simpson Scale, making landfall in Brevard County Florida very soon. Like maybe Friday. When you’re talking about evacuating everyone with a lick of sense to get out, that’s very soon. This hurricane is a pristine example of the biggest and most deadly beasts this species can produce, and could very well strengthen to a category 5-the worst possible-before landfall. Category 5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale means utter destruction. A mini-apocalypse.

Not that the sky is falling here or anything. However, the storm track for Frances is of interest to Georgians, as it has the storm here and still a depression at least by Monday. At the very least, that’s oodles and oodles of rain. Plus, if you have family down there, and they are reluctant to leave or ignoring the thing, you may want to drive down, grab them by the scruff of their neck, and drag them the hell back here. I worked with a guy from the Bahamas until recently, and he was very blase about hurricanes, but I doubt he is about this one-it’s too massive and powerful.

If you grew up in the era I did-the 80’s-you remember that Frankie (Frankie being a diminutive, familiar form of the name Frances) said ‘relax.’

Right now he may not be saying pray, but I will.

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