Look Out Maw! It’s the Revenuers!


Found this piece of beauty via Fark.

Here’s a snipping from the article;

A Rabun County couple faces charges of manufacturing distilled spirits after a moonshine still was discovered on their property Tuesday evening.

A little guide for the non-Georgian-that county name there is pronounced RAY-bun. Don’t you forget it neither, hoss.

I am a native southerner, so I don’t find this nearly as funny as others may. I do, however, definitely find it funny. I just grew up in an area just south of Nashville where some folk still felt it was their god-given right to cook up some home brew every now and then, and the government agents who would inevitably find out and come pokin’ in a body’s business were not a welcome sight.

There’s something so quaint about it too. They weren’t growing ganja, weed, marijuana, they weren’t cooking up some good ole crank to pass out to truckers down at the Giganto Gas n Go. Nope, they’s just makin’ moonshine y’all.

Body’s got to have a livin’ somehow, y’know?

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  1. Mrs. Angie (unregistered) on August 29th, 2004 @ 9:44 am

    Steve…very funny stuff! I grew up during the summers in both Bowdon Ga, which is a good spit ball away from Rabun County. Moonshine is alive and well!

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