I had to share-I just had to.

My friend Greg and I will occasionally go eat Indian food like the gourmand tenors we be and we always go this place very close to the Atlanta Opera Center.

The very first time we went there I saw what still strikes me as the most bizarrely funny graffiti. If you park behind Touch of India (the restaurant in the article I linked above,) and get out and look at the largest red-brick building facing the little lot, someone spray-painted in very easy-to-read letters a few feet high, “BILL CAMPBELL BLOWS GOATS.”

Now, what former Mayor Campbell does in the privacy of his home is no business of mine, and frankly I doubt the veracity of the statement-since when are Republicans so concerned with who blows what barnyard animal? You know, it took someone really tilting their head a little to somehow come up with goats. Saying a political figure blows something (good thing this isn’t a blog based in New Jersey, huh?) is not very original…but saying he blows GOATS, man-that’s comedy. To me, anyway.

It was a moment where it occurred to me again that there are definitely a few things I love about this city. It seems such delicious moments of absurdity are often just around the corner. That and all the fashionable ladders, footwear, sleeping bags, bumpers, mattresses one can find on a major freeway.

Oh, and the Indian food is pretty killer, too.

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