Yes, the Chicken is Big…

Of course if you’ve read any of my first few entries you know I am endlessly amused by the Big Chicken in Marietta, about 10 miles from my house.

Well, the Chicken may be big and all, but y’all, the service do suck. Maybe it was just today. I kinda doubt it, because the fine gentleman in line behind me said, ‘I come here everyday, always there is line, always they out of something.’

First there’s the nice little lady who waited on me. Nice in the same way the troll under the bridge was nice to the billy goats gruff. And the troll reference is more literal than not, let me say. A good question where this fine example of why the retirees of the world should avoid returning to work when they can is concerned is who the hell thought hiring the rudest yankee transplant they could find would be a good idea for customer service at the world’s most well-known KFC? I had her pegged before I got there, and I was prepared, so I briskly order the 12 piece bucket with 3 sides, only to have her look at me like I’d just spontaneously grown an evil vestigial twin out of my neck. I have to tell my friend looking like Kilroy there behind the register that it’s the 3rd one down on the big menu directly behind her above her head.

Then I tell them it’s for eat-in, and they pack me a to-go bag. I go to fill up the little bucket with Pepsi, I get slightly tan-colored fizzy water. Then my troll friend says that they’re out of Pepsi. She asks if that’s what I want. Though I’m standing there mindlessly pressing on the Pepsi button. I say yes, she barks (seriously, she barked,) “PEPSI” to no one in particular, and no one goes and gets new Pepsi. We ended up with Dr. Pepper.

By the way, I hate Dr. Pepper. Just on principle, not taste.

The wife and I go back a few minutes later for some utensils, and we hear her telling another customer in the same ‘brisk’ manner that they are now out of green beans.

Damn, yo-who runs out of green beans on a Sunday in Georgia? In the summertime?

The food was good-but how hard do you have to work to screw up original recipe with sides of corn on the cob? And I’m still kind of pissed about the Pepsi thing.

So here’s Steve Huff’s first restaurant review ever for y’all-what follows is a rundown of my scores for the Big Chicken KFC in May-retta.

  • Service-S for sucks.
  • Courtesy-N for none.
  • Efficiency-W, for what the f**k is that?
  • Cleanliness-an I for I doubt it was all that clean.
  • Chicken Size-well, they do get a B for Brobdingnagian.

In summation, if you go see the Big Chicken, you’re in for a real visual treat.

And that’s about all.

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