So Rad…… AAATL…..

This week’s Valley Boy Report – Brought to you by Atlanta.Metblogs.Com and Stevie!

Like, it was so, like totally amazing. I had to go and buy like 20 MiniDV CAM tapes at Tape Warehouse – great prices and very friendly people… And like, there was just no traffic. I mean, it was like EVERYONE had a life today… HAD A LIFE AND WAS WORKING.

I just hate it when the people who, like, live and work around the top end perimeter – that’s 285 and 400 to all of us – like, don’t have a life and just decided they want to get into their BMW’s and drive around, like TOTALLY shopping and all….. Oh my GOD! That so sucks when they do that.


I was cruising in my MR2, totally hanging out the side with my T-tops down and waving at all the people, when I made a voice note using my cell phone’s voice recorder…

“There’s like, totally, NO traffic out here…. my hair is so frigging rad today….. my oil light is on”.

No traffic? Was there a nuclear holocaust happening and I didn’t get an alert page on my cell from Dude, LAME!


It wasn’t that. Atlanta was safe from the totally non-rad Yankees. I remembered what my horoscope said then, wheeled into Starbucks for a coffee. Then, I went down to Showcase Camera – great prices and very friendly people…… and bought a new tripod for my Sony DV CAM… Like, the dude just put the package together for me and said, “like Dude, this package is totally warped and I don’t have a box for the tripod head and like, I’ll throw you a bone and pull a ten spot off – cool?”

“Cool!”, I said, totally looking at the new PD-170 in the case thinking, “Indie movie next week”. Sweet.


I zipped on down to the Apple Store at Lenox mall – Dude, an iPod mini + 17″ PowerBook + 30″ Flat Panel Display + 60 month financing = all night wet dream.


I made my way to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to see what the cocktail of the week would be for “Cocktails in the Gardens“. Gin and Tonic! Yes! Totally European! Check.


It was time to head home and with a quick check of Georgia-Navigator and the traffic on my web enabled cell phone, I was clear to cruise – cruise? oh yeah – all the way back to Kennesaw – Home of Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield. I had to walk up the mountain – like, dude, no clients and all, LAME…….. and check out the view of Dobbins Air Reserve Base the home of Lockheed Martin… or is it the reverse? I don’t know. It’s sweet to see the fighter jets take off – totally RAD !!!!

Anyway, this has been your Valley Boy Report from Stevie. I’m signing off now so I can take a couple of my Advil. Join me next time when my Psyc Medication wears off for more exciting romps in Atlanta.

Until then, NIN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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