I must admit, the following entry in the Boston Metroblog written by Diosa, was my inspiration to post this.

The Perseids meteor shower typically occurs between the end of July and middle of August, with the maximum activity occurring around the 12th of August this year. I’ve sat up and watched the Perseids before, and it wasn’t a great year for them, but I still managed to see some fairly fiery displays.

There are many practical reasons to not stay up into the wee hours. Work, kids, you name it. But I tell you, if staying up till 4 in the morning lets you see the same things the ancients saw in their own clearer skies it’s worth it. It’s intangible, but worth it. The times I have seen shooting stars the hairs on the back of my neck rise and a thrill passes through me. It’s something I doubt I’ll ever outgrow-nor do I want to outgrow such small but scintillant thrills.

Weather permitting, North Georgia will not be a bad place to watch the shower, and some articles I’ve read say it may be a good year for the Perseids. Most recommendations for observing the Perseids agree on the following;

  • Bring Coffee. Hey, it’s late.
  • Reclining lawn chairs and or sleeping bags are good.
  • Mosquito Repellent. Without a doubt.
  • Pick the darkest, least light-polluted area you can find. That might be impossible in the immediate Atlanta metro area, but you shouldn’t have to drive that far to find a state park or rural area that fits the bill.
  • None of the articles I read say this, but it’s really cool if you bring a sweetie who’s agreeable to the late hours.

For further reading, check out the following-

Yes, they come every year. I always figure though, there’s no telling whether I or you or anyone else will be here when they do come again. Share them now with every sky watcher past and present, share them with another dreamer.

And again, do bring the Mosquito Repellent.

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