Answer the (damn) call

Atlanta Police have a new motto: “Answer The Call”. As the Atlanta Journal points out, it does not mean “answer the f**king 911 call we’re sending you on” but, rather speaks to a ‘higher calling’.

BrightHouse worked with the City to come up with the slogan. Apparently they would have charged about $1 million for this type of work, (I would have changed half a mil) but, it’s free as a public service. That’s a good thing as we don’t have enough money to hire police officers in the first place.

BrightHouse interviewed several officers to find out why they went into policing in the first place. I am sure they answered something like, ‘to answer the call’. That’s what I would have said. I still would. Public Safety is very hard work – not for the faint of heart.

As an ex-public safety officer who served for 18 years, I can tell you slogans are not what are on the minds of ‘us boys (and gals) on the streets’.

From the article:

“Asked whether the department suffered from low morale ó which police supervisors and officers have cited repeatedly ó (Ashley) Grice called the issue of morale “complex.”

The article goes on,

“Cops say what they really need is better pay, better equipment and better support, both from a public they believe underappreciates them, and from Fulton County courts, which they view as coddling thieves and drug dealers.”

All I can say is whenever you get the chance, support your Metro Atlanta Public Safety Offices – Fire, Police, EMS, 911, etc. They will appreciate it.

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