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So my boyfriend and I went to see The Corporation at Midtown Art Cinema tonight. (Midtown changes its weekly screenings after the Thursday night runs, so you have one more night to see it.) It should be said that I am somewhat virulently pro-capitalist; but I thought the movie was very well put together, concerned without being snotty.

(What follows might be construed as “spoilers,” so if you want to go into the movie absolutely cold, stop reading now.)

Two amusing things:

One was when the movie listed a number of corporations that had been fined for illegal activities. When Odwalla got mentioned, there were several audible sighs of disappointment from the audience. Hopefully Arden’s Garden will be able to take advantage of this marketing opportunity.

The second: the movie prominently features Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface, a carpet and fabric manufacturer working on shrinking its environmental “footprint.” The people at The Corporation were apparently impressed by the sincerity of Anderson’s commitment to sustainability; they have a biography of him on their site, and links to Interface’s site on sustainability practices.

So we decided to look up ol’ Ray Anderson, convert to the cause of corporate social responsiblity, and found out that not only is Interface’s corporate headquarters on Paces Ferry Road, Mr. Anderson is a Georgia Tech graduate. The boyfriend was quite pleased.

For the curious, Mr. Anderson published a book on his efforts, Mid-Course Correction, in 1999.

But do go see the movie.

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  1. chuck (unregistered) on August 5th, 2004 @ 12:30 pm

    I’ll second Jessica’s positive review of “The Corporation.” To be honest, I’m not terribly pro-capitalist, but it’s one of the most substantial documentaries I’ve seen this year (in a year of great documentaries).

    I found the deconstruction of the concept of corporate personhood to be the most compelling aspect of the film.

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