Stevie On Tour This Weekend

Well, after a week of traffic and more traffic and more traffic and cancelled meetings and clients that won’t call me back and traffic and more traffic…….. I have decided to take a little tour this weekend.

The Summer Boat Show is going on at the North Atlanta Trade Center. I don’t own a boat but, I like looking at them. I’ve often thought I would like to have a boat but, not having $5mil+ in my bank account currently makes that impossible. Yeah, I like to live large. So, all you boat people, come on out!

Also, coming up in Metro Atlanta is the 28th Atlanta Model Train and Railroadiana Show also at the Trade Center. This is a real kick for me. I love model trains. If I had the floor space, I’d have an entire mini city built with model trains running all the way through it. It would be MY little city and I would be the king, aka, TOTAL DICTATOR. Everybody would have to ride the train to get around. There would be no SUV drivers and no people driving on the side of the interstate highways trying to avoid the traffic. Every platform would have ice cream, pizza and big plasma screens displaying random fact about growing turnips. No, I’m not drinking.

Anyway, my Granddad was a real engineer on a steam engine train and I got my love of trains from him – (the real ones and the model ones.) So, if you love model trains, I hope to see you there, 9am to 4pm, on August 14th. AND, if I have my new cell phone, I’ll be undercover moblogging from there.


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