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gettin’ to know the o4w.

our dear friend and erstwhile contributor maigh dropped this here video from atlanta film company terminus films on facebook. i watched it and enjoyed it and figured i would pass it along to you. it’s a short montage about getting to know the old fourth ward, one of atlanta’s oldest and most historical neighborhoods

it’s interesting to me, and i have no rhyme or reason for it, that the old fourth ward is the inner core neighborhood around my house i know the least and frequent the least. and a huge o4w booster i am sure that delights maigh to no end too.

maybe i should rectify that.



Tuesday Links

3 quick hits:

  1. Kangaroo Attacked the Zoo Keeper
  2. It’s over pretty quickly and the zoo keeper got away w/ only some bruising.

  3. Kool Korners is indeed closing
  4. So says the indispensable Disposable Income blog. I’ll admit that, despite working nearby, I never ate a cuban sandwich there. :-(

  5. Kid Rock Takes His Waffle House Very Seriously
  6. Video of last year’s Kid Rock versus Waffle House fight.

Happy Tuesday

In Case You Missed It

YouTube flotsam that’s making the local rounds. YMMV.

ATL Hoodrat aka SOULJA GIRL goes crazy on the Marta!

[Via james]

Sturgess Fillmore Presents… ATLANTA!

[Via CL’s Fresh Loaf]

Which one of these videos is more indicative of the Atlanta you know and love?

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