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Woody’s Revisit

Struck by an unusually specific desire for a cheesesteak this weekend, Mr. Abby and I headed to Atlanta’s cheesesteak … um, champion … Woody’s. This is the longstanding shack perched in the triangular spit of land by Piedmont Park, traditionally plagued with crappy parking and crappy hours but blessed with delicious cheesesteaks. Funny, Ben posted about a Woody’s visit about this time last year – wouldn’t have thought that we’d gravitate towards even more heavy, greasy food around the holidays. This time around I had completely forgotten about the old hours situation (I swear they used to be open Tues-Sat 11-3) and went in blind, but was rewarded with a new owner, a slightly updated menu that featured the addition of a turkey cheesesteak, a 2-time 100% health inspection streak, and what appears to be an entirely different approach to doing business.

The cheesesteak was the same: well-cooked meat, onions and gooey cheese on soft fluffy bread. All that it ought to be, fully devoid of health benefits and full of deliciousness. It came out in less than 10 minutes, and I got the chance to chat a bit with the supereager guy working the counter. When I mentioned that I hadn’t eaten at Woody’s for a few years, he ran through all the changes the new owners (which may or may not have included him?) were taking on. Things like scooter delivery within a 4-5 mile radius, and cheep and local beer (well, one cheap and one local). He’s working on an iPhone app, too, that would (hopefully) allow them to deliver to picnickers in the park using GPS. Oh, and they take credit cards now, too!

My verdict is that Woody’s is the place to get a cheesesteak and a milkshake. In the wake of some really outstanding Atlanta eateries closing, it’s nice to support our locals. Especially when it tastes so good.

Screens on the Bricks, Green

photo from yelp, SOTG in Piedmont

The other week they released the Screen on the Green lineup for this summer. While I’m thrilled that it’s back at Piedmont Park, I’m sorely disappointed by the movie selection. A really, really unscientific survey of “Best Movie at Screen on the Green” came up with Mommie Dearest, Ferris Bueller, Willie Wonka, and Back to the Future. And though I (and the three people I surveyed) didn’t see them, I assume Carwash and Grease were entertaining shows – big fan of audience participation here.

I assume licensing plays a role here, as it’s now run by Peachtree TV rather than Turner Classic, and I assume they’re going for a younger audience … but come on, Nick Cage?? And a movie you showed last year? The kids will love the Wiz! And they ought to be exposed to things like the Birds (though I can’t find it online, I really thought they showed the Birds once) and Psycho (shown at “Movie on the Meadow” last week). Nightmares notwithstanding.

Funny enough, it looks like in metblogs comments of years past, I’ve soapboxed about this, but ya’ll can stand by for me to do it again. While I love playing in downtown Atlanta and have enjoyed watching its rather dramatic rebirth over the last ten years, SOTG at Centennial just didn’t do it for me. I don’t like being searched to enter a park so that vendors can charge me six bucks a beer. Plus the flat (and tree-ey) layout meant I couldn’t see a lot of the time.

And I always thought the best thing about Screen on the Green in years past was that it was one of the few events in Atlanta that attracted a crowd that comes kind of close to reflecting the diversity of skin and hair colors, ages, income status, family situations, sexual orientations, and what-have-you that call this city home. We would squeeze our towels and pizza boxes on wet grass between 20-something black lesbians, Ansley families with tow-head three year olds, teenagers posing and posturing for each other, fab midtown couples in their 50s, college students, and big families who drove in from the north and south burbs. That sense was a little lost in Centennial. Not sure exactly why, but I hope it comes back.

So am I wrong in snapping to judgment here? Is it more a matter of the experience than the movie itself? Should I focus on the fact that Jurassic Park is awesome and terrifying and family friendly all at once? Or on the fact that Flicks on Fifth’s lineup, though not particularly classic or diverse, features some decent-looking popular movies that I haven’t seen yet?

Screen on the Green Starts May 29

Atlanta’s much anticipated summer classic film festival, Screen on the Green, hosted by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and Peachtree TV, in conjunction with the Piedmont Park Conservancy, will return for a ninth season, May 29 – June 26 in Centennial Olympic Park. At sunset each Thursday, Screen on the Green will present a free outdoor showing of a classic film on a 45-by-24-foot movie screen.

I feel (not the good kind of) funny about SotG being a) in COP and b) not brought to me by TCM.

I’m sure I’ll get over it.

The lineup:
Thursday, May 29th– Jaws
Thursday, June 5th – Big Mama’s House
Thursday, June 12th – Chicago
Thursday, June 19th– E.T.
Thursday, June 26th – Viewers’ choice of Back to the Future, Footloose, or Rocky

Other fine print from The Man:
The films start at sundown (approximately 9PM)
Come early to reserve your space, bring a picnic dinner, your family and friends.
ABSOLUTELY no pets, alcoholic beverages, or glass containers allowed!! Please leave all high-backed chairs, grills, umbrellas home. Bags will be searched (help! I’m being oppressed!)

Screen on the Green plans to return to Piedmont Park once drought subsides.

Soooooooooooo…are you going this year?

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