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is am radio where it’s at?

i am not sure how the existence of am 1690 atlanta’s voice of the arts has escaped me for so long. the other week when my friend adam and i went to see spring awakening, adam picked me up and of all things he was listening to am radio. as we drove along from north ormewood toward the willy’s at edgewood where dinner was going to be consumed, i was blown away by an eclectic mix of bluegrass, soul and even some indie rock.

so apparently out there on am radio, am 1690 has been playing the most interesting mix of music, interviews, book reviews and more for years and i have just missed it.

the other day on the way back from the marta station i listened to a great interview with jeff garland about his new book my footprint. it was long and rambling and perfect.

anyway, my radio has barely left it since then and i have to recommend checking it out.

how to make a banned german novel into a tony winner?

just like this:


color me pretty excited that the tony award winning spring awakening is going to be coming to the fox theater this spring.

not only am i a fan of edgy musical theater of the avenue q and urinetown variety, but this particular musical happens to be based on the banned frank wedekind novel frülings erwachen which i read back in the day when i was a german major. it’s an aggressive piece to turn into musical theater; a great story and from all i can tell done with great music in this incarnation.

it’s playing march 9-14 at the fox so check it out. also, keep your eyes peeled here as we’re going to work on getting some tickets as part of a giveaway.

an album i took way too long getting around to.

one heck of an album

one heck of an album

i have loved atlanta-based indie rockers manhcester orchestra for years. i bought their ep when it was only available on itunes. i think rich over at cable and tweed probably first turned me on to them when he posted his mix tapes of atlanta music.

i’ve seen them a bunch of times, inlcluding one memorable show that began at the now-defunct 545 and finished (after an intervening police raid of aforementioned 545) at the masquerade.

i’m like a virgin losing a child was probably my favorite album of 2008.

you could say i am a fan.

which is why i don’t understand why it took my until the last week of 2009 to finally buy their follow-up album “mean everything to nothing.”

maybe i just didn’t like my local rockers becoming big, getting on a label and being played by 99x. maybe i was scared that andy hull, the frontman, wouldn’t be able to pull off another songwriting triumph like the firs full length lp.

anyway, i finally got it and it’s incredible. it would compete only with the airborne toxic event album for the best album i bought in 2009. if you liked the first album, or just live good solid indie rock with some incredible songwriting, it is definitely one to get.

no idea why they weren’t up on the stage with a twirling pink, the zac brown band and taylor swift last night.

now, how about a local show, guys?

go see the beggar’s guild. tonight.

my favorite atlanta-based rock band is not one of those trendy indie bands. you won’t see their name painted on the krog street underpass or read about them in paste. yes, our city has plenty of those and many are very good, but my favorite atlanta band has to be roots rock combo the beggar’s guild (web facebook myspace).

i love these guys because they play tight, well written rock songs about all the great rock themes. the music is catchy and fun and they are pretty incredible musicians. i have been to see them live many times and never left after a bad time. they also happen to be pretty decent dudes, the kind of musicians you want to support. even if drummer jon chalden is a cardinals fan. seriously it’s good enough to get me to overcome that objection.

anyway, the guys are playing tonight at smith’s in support of sam thacker and his cd release. i don’t know sam thacker at all, but i can tell you this, if the guys in the beggar’s guild are playing with him, he’s probably pretty good.

so go check ’em out.

tickets $10 advance until 2pm today on ticket alternative, or $12 at the door.

file under: stuff i’d be doing this weekend if i wasn’t so lame.

prince vs. michael jackson

prince vs. michael jackson

yeah, not a clubber at all. in fact since i run most saturday mornings i am usually in bed by 10 in the evening while most of you are just getting wound up.

oh well.

i’ve never been in atlanta’s sutra lounge but when i came across the above poster in joe’s east atlanta coffee shop i thought, damn, now that is something i would consider actually going out for.

i’m not going to, i’m running the big peach 5k but i would.

i mean seriously, a night of dj’s mixing up nothing but prince and michael jackson? how badass is that?

if you go, enjoy and let me know so i can live vicariously through you.

song about atlanta: midnight train to georgia


okay, it’s not technically about atlanta, but it’s hard for me to think of atlanta without thinking of this song. it’s one of the two quintessential songs about georgia in my book, and my favorite. when i used to drive i-75/i-24 with alarming frequency between tennessee and points north and atlanta, it was always my ritual to play this song as i crossed the georgia/tennessee line back into georgia. usually these drives were late at night and hearing gladys belt out that she was going back to find a simpler place and time always got me pumped again.

so i give you our next song about atlanta, midnight train to georgia by gladys knight and the pips

UPDATE: i had to include this after someone reminded me of it’s existence. hilarious. enjoy.


songs about atlanta: welcome to atlanta


it’s like a bag of cheetos or a big, meaty burger from the vortex. no matter how bad you know it is for you, no matter how fattening, you just can’t help digging in.

that’s welcome to atlanta, atlanta’s rap anthem.

if anything could ever serve as a testament to the atl’s arrival as a hip-hop captial it’s jermane durpree howling “welcome to atlanta, where the players play.” before i live in atlanta, when i used to fly through here on delta and the flight attendant would announce, “welcome to atlanta,” when the plane landed this song would always pop into my head.

it’s also how my cousins in south carolina learned about old national highway. and as for me, well , i make my own rules, b&!t*h, call me the mayor.

and let’s not forget ludacris beling out one of my favorite lines in all of hip hop – “i’m big paper like pancakes, stacking ’em up,”

love it.

i’ll see you guys on my way to the dec to hit jazzy t’s…..

just in case you can’t find anything else to do tonight….

like picking belly button lint or reorganizing your sock drawer, the one and only vanilla ice will be appearing tonignt at cowboy’s in kennessaw.

yo v.i.p. let’s kick it.

if you don’t even know how to get to kennessaw you should probably just go ahead and skip this one.

for those not planning to help vanilla ice fund his retirement, what are you up to this weekend?

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