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there is some bipartisanship for you….

i guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find that there is one potential issue that young republicans and young democrats can agree on: sunday alcohol sales.

according to this ajc article the two groups will be holding a press conference today to announce their joint support for sunday sales.

ah, nothing brings young people together like the right to get trashed on sunday. seriously, this issue has become the windmill that we tilt at year after year here in georgia.

could this be the year? i doubt it, but momentum is growing.

h/t to the atlanta beer guide for sending the link. any guesses where those folks stand on this issue?

we still want you to pull up those pants.

i figured that the attempted ban on saggy pants had died an appropriate death, but apparently it has not.

from this morning’s ajc comes this:

Councilman C.T. Martin introduced a bill in August banning clothes that expose underwear. The City Council created a citizens’ task force to study the idea and make recommendations. The council will decide whether to accept the recommendations.

apparently the task force is preparing to make it’s recommendations in a meeting tonight at 6 pm at city hall. i am honestly a tad bit bummed i am busy tonight, because i can only imagine just how much fun this hearing would have to be.

and seriously, when the mayor is looking under couches for quarters because of a budget deficit, how much money was spent on this task force?

just curious.

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