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This burger thing – am I missing something?

Earl burger

Flickr photo by Intrepidation

Every now and then, maybe once every three months, I think about having a burger.  But I don’t. After one disappointing encounter too many, I pretty well gave up.

Too dry or too greasy. Too much glop on it. Too big, too charred, too much bread. Some have the the heft of a brick and taste of absolutely nothing. With so many other things to eat, it didn’t seem worthwhile to keep searching for a passable version of one food. So, I probably haven’t had a hamburger in about five years.

I thought Atlanta’s two-year-old gourmet burger epidemic would have burned itself out by now, but I would have lost money on that bet. Maybe now, when the choices are about as good as they’re likely to get, is the time to give it another try. I live close enough to Grindhouse to walk (not today, lest I freeze my face or who-knows-what else off in the process). I can get to Wonderful World pretty easily (Hmm, their site is down. Anyone know what’s going on with them?) and it wouldn’t be too much trouble to MARTA my way over to Flip or Yeah! Burger. But, once there, would it be worth the time and, more importantly, the money?

Is anyone a new burger convert? Is there really something to all this or is everyone just going because everyone else is going?

the yum-cake factory.

okay, time to give just a little bit of link-love to my newest and somewhat expensive new obsession, the atlanta cupcake factory.

i don’t know why, but a couple of weeks ago i dropped in here on a whim on my way home from the whole foods on ponce (yes, no boycott for me) and decided to see the goods and pick up a surprise dessert for my friends who were coming over that evening.

i looked in the case and was floored. row after row of amazingly crafted cupcakes. flavors that knocked me out too; sugar cookie with caramel icing, cinnamon cupcakes, key lime pie cupcakes. i bought six and took them home and they delivered.

oh did they ever.

anyway, i went back again and got another clamshell. i am still working my way through the various flavors bu the consensus seems to be on the sugar cookie cupcakes, and i can tell you from personal experience that if you see the grasshopper icing or the nutella cupcake jump on it.

the dreaded “non-commercial” creative commons license is unfrotunately keeping me from dropping a photo in this post (and i was too silly to bring along my camera) but just click here and you will see what i mean.

here are the details:

atlanta cupcake factory
624 north highland ave

the best pie in the a?

yeah. i’m going there.

i realize we all have our faves. but here is what got me thinking about this. my 10 year old absolutely loves grant central east so much so that she absolutely insists within a day or twe of rolling into town for spring or summer break that i take her there.

meanwhile i have friends that swear by the grant central that’s actually in grant park.

i used to train with a friend who would drop absolutely everything to eat at a fellini’s.

and my sunday night crew will only order form viliage pizza in cabbagetown.

so it seems there is some disagreement as to what exactly is the best pizza pie in atlanta.

me, i’m voting for villiage pizza, even if it is pricey as hell.


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