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35 is the new 35

Thirty-fiveUnless you too are car-less and in temporary exile in southwest Cobb County, you might not have noticed the gaping hole in public transportation coverage out here. I’m staying with an extraordinarily generous friend in a subdivision off Oakdale Road, which is, in turn, off Veterans’ Memorial Highway. Veteran’s Memorial is the name Bankhead Highway/Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway (DLH) assumes once it crosses 285. MARTA service used to run as far up DLH as Bankhead Courts, but since Bankhead Courts closed, it now stops almost a mile further east, just before DLH crosses 285. So, anyone out here who needed to get to a transit station had to drive to or be dropped off at Bankhead Station or H. E. Holmes. Until now, anyway.

On Jan. 4 Cobb Community Transit added the new CCT Route 35, which (PDF) starts at Wellstar Cobb Hospital, ends at the H.E. Holmes MARTA station and runs 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Route 35 also serves Mable House Amphitheatre, Six Flags, downtown Austell, and the South Cobb Government Services Center.

Unrelated side note: I catch the #35 at the intersection of Discovery Boulevard (the name Oakdale Road takes on after it crosses Veterans’/Bankhead/DLH) and Veterans’, just past Pizza Bar and right in front of a new, ostensibly mixed-use development bearing the name “The Walk At Legacy.” The Walk At Legacy’s most prominent feature, other than a near-complete lack of tenants, is the acreage of parking lot splayed in front of it. I guess “The Drive and Park At Legacy” lacked the desired cachet.

Anyway, this isn’t an area that people move to if easy access to transit is high – or really, anywhere – on their list of important features in a neighborhood, so the creation of the new route certainly wasn’t driven by residents of the “Enclaves” and “Plantations” along Oakdale Road. I’m going to try to get in touch with someone at CCT to see if I can find out more about what went into the design and planning for this route.

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