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things still to do.

i have a list of things in atlanta that I have never done. it is always amazing to me how much stuff there is to do and how little of it i seem to have done. for example, it took me more than three years of living here to finally make it over to the martin luther king historical site. pretty silly, i have to say. on this particular five year stretch here in atlanta (i lived here once before for three years from 1998-2001) I still have yet to make it over to the high museum.

anyway, my list includes:

the wren’s nest
the margaret mitchell house
stone mountain laser show
the cyclorama
georgia state captiol
noah’s ark animal rehabilitation center (and home of evidence the zebra)
kangaroo conservation center
center for puppetry arts
the ben king heritage trail

okay that last one isn’t real. But it SHOULD be.

i’m sure there is more i haven’t done yet, but those are the things that cross my mind. i probably need to write it down to make sure i keep them all together.

how about you? what’s on your list of things to do in this town that you haven’t made it to yet?

walter payton?? really? seriously, really?

it started as most idea do, with an offhand comment. with a twitter reading group, and an active tweetup here in atlanta, and a million other things twitter-related going down here in the atl, someone (it may well have been me) suggested there should be a twitter trivia team.

last week we made that dream a reality. about six of us who tweet way more than we should gathered last tuesday for team trivia. since the vast majority of our get-togethers tend to be in the “south of ponce” sphere of influence we decided to head to neighbor’s in virginia-highland for trivia.

we had a good time and i would say the food was serviceable and the service was good. nothing spectacular or anything to write home about, but good. the place seemed kinda empty for a seriously challenging trivia night, although reports are than neighbor’s can fill up for trivia. i would gather that part of the issue is the weather; neighbor’s being known for it’s patio, which no one wants to sit on in 40 degree weather playing trivia.

the questions were okay. not too hard, not too easy. the trivia emcee was kind of bland, but in the end who really cares if you are having fun, and unless the guy is a real, true comedian i would rather have a bland emcee than one trying to be funny and ultimately failing. and we are going back there tonight, so obviously it worked well enough to get us back.

i am curious however, where do you like going for trivia. got any suggestions for us if we decide to leave neighbor’s?

btw – we were in the money until losing out by betting all our points on the question of “who was the first pro football player to appear on a wheaties box?”

the answer: walter payton. apparently wheaties didn’t feel the need to put a pro football player on their cover until 1985. go figure.

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