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is am radio where it’s at?

i am not sure how the existence of am 1690 atlanta’s voice of the arts has escaped me for so long. the other week when my friend adam and i went to see spring awakening, adam picked me up and of all things he was listening to am radio. as we drove along from north ormewood toward the willy’s at edgewood where dinner was going to be consumed, i was blown away by an eclectic mix of bluegrass, soul and even some indie rock.

so apparently out there on am radio, am 1690 has been playing the most interesting mix of music, interviews, book reviews and more for years and i have just missed it.

the other day on the way back from the marta station i listened to a great interview with jeff garland about his new book my footprint. it was long and rambling and perfect.

anyway, my radio has barely left it since then and i have to recommend checking it out.

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