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The new Monopoly


The new Monopoly Here and Now is out and our fair city makes it onto the board twice. Centennial Olympic Park is replacing St. Charles Place, a piece that I have always found to be well-landed on and very helpful in winning the game. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport also makes the board as the final “railroad.” Railroads, in my opinion, are very useful early in the game but their value diminishes as the game progresses.

A round-up of other Metroblogging cities making the cut can be found here. Frankly, I think Atlanta comes out on top. Two properties. Only NYC, LA, and Chicago can claim that with us. And we already know we’re better than them.

Helio and Metblogs together

Starting today, all Metroblogging sites (including this here Atlanta Metblog) can be found on Helio “don’t call us a phone company” devices. So if you have one such device, be sure to check it out. The official announcement is here. Oh, and remember that on any web-enabled cellphone, you can get this here site at

Graz makes 50!

Metroblogging now has its 50th city – Graz, Austria! Go on over and welcome them, after all, they used to be just a Roman Fort and in 2003 they were the European Cultural Capital.

Image is or the clock tower on Schlossberg (thanks wp)

First hand account of Montreal events

A Montreal Metroblogging author has posted a first-hand on-the-scene account of the tragic events in Montreal today.


Read it.

Don’t Cry for Me, Atlanta

After 4.5 years of almost melting in the summer heat, slipping on the winter ice, and dying of boredom at another indie rock/emo show, I am departing from the splendid city of Atlanta. I’m headed for even rainier weather – but I think the other cool stuff I find will make up for it.

I hope that during the occasions on which I return to Atlanta I’ll see improvements being made to the city – and I mean to the older structures and neighborhoods that have seen so much change. I hope that the direction will change from building false cities (like Atlantic Station and the one in Edgewood with the Target, Lowes, and a million other retail businesses) to renovating the one that has existed all this time.

I hope that the music scene is revived and more music clubs open so bands don’t have to compete to get into the same five venues. I hope Dad’s Garage stays around and that more gallery spots like Eyedrum open up. I hope a new Mayor comes along and cuts all the crap that makes it impossible to have a small business or night club. Overall all, I hope that “It’s Always an Opening Day in Atlanta” will one day apply to everyone – not just the privileged.

Welcome, Sacramento

Sacramento becomes the 49th city to join the Metroblogging family.


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