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What you probably don’t know about Irwin Street Market

I had the pleasure last week of spending an evening in the company of Jake Rothschild, the namesake and man behind the success of Jake’s Ice Cream, and now also the proud pappa of the Irwin Street Market. The market is located in the Old Fourth Ward on the corner of Irwin and Sampson Street, across from the well photographed and directional landmark water tower.

When you walk into the market you’re greeted by a large, industrial but cozy room. The exterior walls host a variety of vendors: to your right is Flower Bar, beyond that is a woman who sells handmade soaps and beauty products, beyond that is another room with art, books and my favorite clever greeting cards on a spinning rack (you need to go yourself to see). In the main room continuing counter clockwise is a cupcake maker, a fabulous cookie bar and beyond that a coffee bar. That brings you around to the left side of the room and its anchor businesses: Jake’s.

There’s another room to your left as you come in, hosting framed photography on the walls, comfy couches and more intimate lighting with two adjoining alcoves for privacy and conversation. Back in the main room, you’ll find couches, armchairs and the family table flanking retro ovens being used as displays for other locally made wares.

Admittedly, I didn’t know much about Jake or his business adventures, and while I had patronized the Irwin Street Market (lunch at Jake’s, flowers from Flower Bar for the housewarming, cupcakes from Button Cakes Bakery) I wasn’t entirely clear on what was happening in the space, and hadn’t given a lot of thought to the eclectic collection.

Friday night, I got the 411. Simply stated, it isn’t just the goal of the market, but the intent behind everything Jake does: to nurture and help local business grow. On the website for ISM, its declared as our neighborhood s urban artist market, and it is.

It’s an incubator for small business who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a storefront, who wouldn’t normally have the coaching and support of someone who has tried, stumbled, succeeded and found himself in the process.

As someone with a unquenchable passion for small business and a soft spot for “the little guy”, I’ll be undoubtedly be spending more time at the market. Bonus: free wifi and loads of comfy spots to sit without loud-not-my-taste music rattling your thoughts out of your head. Perfect for plotting about and noodling your own business dreams, which you can see to fruition right there at the Irwin Street Market.

Oh yeah, and remember that post several weeks back where I said that if I wasn’t so lazy I’d start a small local produce stand? Great minds think alike: keep an eye out for just that at Jake’s in the next couple of months.

Enjoy your new iPhone at Starbucks

Tired of driving around to every AT&T store in the metro area or waiting in line at the Apple Store for your new iPhone 3g?

Sure. We all are.

At least you can rest easy knowing that your Atlanta-area Starbucks aren’t going anywhere any time soon, at least not according to this map, despite the company’s recent store closings.

[Via Lori]

So, good news, if you’re into that sorta “stuff”, coffee and Apple products alike.

Here’s hoping you’re sipping a latte, reading this on your new iPhone now.

football!!!! (the real kind)

okay, if you read my personal blog you will know that i am a huge fan of football (alright, soccer for those of you who must) and manchester united in particular.

just wanted to remind you, know that the english premier league season is in full swing, and the draw has been completed for the uefa champions league, that atlanta has one of the best places in the world to take in a football match.

the brewhouse cafe in little 5 on moreland ave was nominated by the us soccer federation as one of the 5 best soccer bars in the country.

it’s everything you could want – multiple tv’s, great breakfast (don’t forget those english matches start early), great staff, and a great crowd.

seriously, come out and join us. the atmosphere for a big match can’t be beat and you’ll find intelligent, knowledgeable fans ready to teach you all you need to know about the game.

i’ll be there saturday at noon for manchester united vs sunderland.


brewhouse cafe
401 moreland ave in little 5 points
list of matches shown available here

ps – they have wifi too, good for ‘telecommuting’ while watching wednesday afternoon champions league matches


Useful Tuesday link: hotspotr

Nothing like free (and pay) wifi locations mashed up with Google Maps. Yum!

[Via Lifehacker]

Random Question

Now that smokers are being treated far and wide in this town as scoundrels and villains, explain to me why it is that only the spots with both wifi and indoor smoking serve the crappiest food in town.

I’m just wondering. It’s a simple question, really.

3rd Wave -> RippleWiFi

3rd Wave Hotspots are some of my favorite places in Atlanta (Free wifi, people!). This happened a couple of days ago, but it is worth noting that 3rd Wave Hotspot has changed its name to Ripple. As they note on the website: “We didn’t sell-out or anything. We just integrated 3rd Wave Hotspot into Ripple. Now everything matches. We can get dressed in the morning much easier this way.”

And, they’re having a party to celebrate it on June 9th. At Octane!
Here’s the part of the email they sent out about it:
The short version:
We have changed the name from 3rd Wave to Ripple. Yes, still free.
We have fun, slightly controversial T-shirts. You can buy one if you like.
We’re having a party. Octane Coffee Bar. Yes, beer specials. Friday, June 9th at 5:30.
We have some new locations.
We love you.

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