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50 Things to Do In Atlanta

In the course of looking for info on the Pink Pig, I came across this pretty nifty list of 50 things to do in Atlanta. Yeah, it’s all commercialized and the 50 probably paid the Atlanta Visitor’s Bureau to be on the list, but whatevers. If you are bored, you are bored, and this list might help with that.

Two Great Atlanta Book Blogs

Decatur’s Wordsmith’s Books bookstore has a blog and it is funny, well-written, and informative. My “To Read” pile grows bigger and bigger every time I read it. They have author interviews and reflections on publishing and I find just about every post interesting.

Baby Got Books not only has a catchy name, but most of their contributors are Atlanta-based. And with a name like that, you can be assured that while they are literary, they are not also snooty.

Note: Lovers of books should give themselves a good chunk of time to peruse these sites – They are black holes for readers.

Atlanta Water Shortage Blog

Atlanta Water Shortage is an interesting new local blog. (Hmmm. . . Google Ads? Water shortage? Timely.) Anyway, it does have some interesting information on the drought and the water situation, so you might want to check it out.

liveblogging the genarlow wilson hearing.

sara over at going through the motions did a great job of liveblogging today’s genarlow wilson hearing in front of the state supreme court – part one here, part two here, part three here.

that’s it. no commentary, it’s just good reporting and i wanted to point you to it.

2007 Crime Stats for Atlanta

After the recent kidnapping in my neighborhood, I wrote this little post about whether Atlanta is safe or not, and what parts of Atlanta are safer than others. Mostly it became a post about public perception of the most dangerous neighborhoods in our fair city; I had a bitch of a time finding any meaningful data comparing crime rates for various areas in the city over a period of time.

Leave it to Creative Loafing’s Andisheh Nouraee to sniff out some more solid information about Atlanta crime statistics, though; He gives Atlanta crime statistics for the year 2007 (so far) a closer look on the Fresh Loaf blog. Check it out.

Atlanta’s 2007 Crime Wave

Best of Atlanta 2007

Creative Loafing presents their poll for Best of Atlanta 2007. Vote for your favorites, from food to music to the web, through July 11.

I’ll be showing the love for my favorite local and independent stores. (The EARL! Bound to Be Read Books! Criminal Records!)

If nothing else, it is fun to read their off-the-wall category titles.

i look like a f&^*ing marshmallow….

i have no idea where or when this happened or how real it is, but that really doesn’t change how hillarious this is. check out this radio ad from the atlanta history center advertising their new benjamin franklin exhibit.

according to the person who submitted this to digg, they captured it on wsb radio.

is that kid saying what i think he is?

a quick plug….

yeah, i know there are a million event listing sites out there and you probably don’t need another one, but i’m going to give it to you anyway.

check out plug atlanta for updates on upcoming music shows and other events.

one of the main reasons i think this is pretty cool is that they preserve all of the original artwork from the posters for the event, which make the site worth checking out since they are usually very creative.

one thing missing is an rss feed to stay up-to-date on the newest posters but i swapped some emails with the founder of the site and he assures me they are coming.

Books on Atlanta

Whatever your thoughts on the digitization of books, you can’t deny that it’s pretty cool to be able to use Google’s Book Search function to search for books on “Atlanta” and come up with 107,000+ hits. Most of those come up as “limited preview” selections, but I spent about 30 minutes perusing one of those selections alone: Atlanta: Unforgettable Vintage Images of an All-American City.

Warning: Huge time suck.

Spaghetti Junctions

Some, like our Tom Moreland Interchange, are known as Spaghetti Junction.

Others are “Malfunction Junction“.

All of them suck, but are strangely beautiful, like an Escher tessallation or the car crashes they incite.

Enjoy the photos from a distance. Sometimes, perspective is everything.

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