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New Video of Tornado damaging CNN

Exclusive to the Atlanta Metblog!

Local Blog Update

Just doing my part to make sure folks know about some of the new & interesting blogs in the Atlanta local.

Happy Surfing!

Atlanta in the blogs

From the makers of the bitingly funny Stuff White People Like comes the new blog Stuff Educated Black People Like which apparently includes Moving To Atlanta.


Full Disclosure: I am decidedly not an Educated Black Person but I am a White Person and the first blog is  too-close-to-home accurate so I’m inferring the latter is as well.

Feel free to compare me to Geraldine Ferraro in the comments. ;-)

[h/t james]

See You Next Tuesday, Jane Fonda!

You know since Jane & Ted divorced (and Ted’s been less involved with the Braves, CNN, TBS & AOL/Time Warner) we’ve really missed an Atlantan spouting off and saying something kooky on national television.

But then Jane Fonda was on the Today Show yesterday and gave the world of viral video this gift:

As one commenter suggested, “pimping” is apparently more offensive than “cunt”. I’ll leave that differentiation to you, gentle reader.

Twittering Traffic

Seems there’s a site for folks who need their traffic delivered via tweets: Commuterfeed.

Here’s the Atlanta feed, which may or not be accurate and dependable.

I guess it’s incumbent on the local Twits who use Twitter to help the cause. YMMV.

Basically all you need to do to contribute is tweet this:

@commuter(SPACE) citycode(SPACE) incident, where citycode is our airport designation, ATL.

I figure this is reasonably interesting (I use Twitter) since james loves to blog Marta and a fair amount of folks chimed in on the Techwood drive closing.

We’d love to hear from you though. Do you use Twitter? Would you contribute or trust this information?

[Via Lifehacker]

The Buzz

Channel 46 News recently did a piece on how neighbors in my neighborhood, East Atlanta, are using technology to fight crime in the area. The report focused particularly on an online forum,, which the neighborhood uses to disseminate information on recent crimes in the area.

Of course, it didn’t mention that we also use “The Buzz” to keep up with where everyone will be for happy hour on Friday, or what bands are playing in our neighborhood that night, or just to have massive discussions on books, movies, tv, religion, and politics. It didn’t mention the huge way that the Buzz has made an impact by helping animal lovers find homes for the strays in our area, or helped new parents find other new parents, or the growing information contained on the site about services in the area, recommended plumbers and handymen, zoning and code violations, area schools, and community associations.

The Buzz is a pretty cool tool, and I have to admit I spend way too much time on the site, but I have also met some really cool neighbors through it, and I think I can speak for most of the people in the EAV when I say that it has brought a lot of people together into a more close-knit community, where people help one another, and work together to improve the community we live in.

Members of the Buzz who actually live in nearby neighborhoods, but not in East Atlanta Village proper, have requested that the Buzz creators expand the Buzz to include other intown Atlanta neighborhoods, so now those living in Grant Park and Reynoldstown, have their own sites, too. Ormewood Park and Unincorporated Dekalb residents are still under the umbrella of the East Atlanta site, but they have their own sub-boards for information specific only to their area.

If you live in any of the Southeast Atlanta neighborhoods, or just frequent their establishments, be sure to check out the sites; they are a great local network of information.

Pretty Pictures

As we’re all pondering what become of last night’s snow flurries and how the Hell we can waste some more of the bosses time by looking at, er, researching on the internets, I give you The Library of Congress’ Flickr Photos! [LOC Blog] [Flickr Blog]

Lest I be accused of not being Atlanta-centric, check out these two photos from the over 3,000 non-copyrighted images the Library is hoping you help tag:

U.S. Penitentiary, Atlanta, Ga. Jul. 1, 1911 (LOC)
Peace Monument, Atlanta (LOC)

If I were a more enterprising blogger, I’d have some links here to modern photos of these locales, but in keeping with the spirit of the LOC’s photos, I’ll ask that commenters provide the links. ;-)

Or, you could freak out about the lack of snow making you have to work. But I wouldn’t advise it.

Enjoy the photos!

Vote For a Local on Super Deluxe

I must disclose before starting that this girl is my buddy, Tori. She’s up for Favorite Fark TV Girl on Represent the ATL and a local and vote for her – She’s Fake Wife #1.

If you don’t do it for Atlanta, or just to make a local girl happy, then do it for polygamy. Everyone loves a little polygamy.

Someone sent me a link to a kind of interesting new website called Peachtree360. The idea behind it is that you can get information on Atlanta events all on one page. (Events include farmer’s markets, sports events, music, comedy and theater, etc.) It also includes links to videos dealing with the subject of Atlanta or something in Atlanta, and a page that contains lists of five things (Five places to Eat, Five Places to Shop, etc.) The design is clean and easy to use, and the offerings seem varied enough to catch the eye of most users, and it seems to list events in different parts of Atlanta, not just on Peachtree or in Midtown or Buckhead. It could maybe use a little more thorough listing of events, though – For instance, on it’s “Upcoming” events page, there was only one show I’d even be interested in seeing listed. (Van Halen!!!)

Anyway, thought I’d give it a shoutout, as it is a nice idea.

Bumpin’ In the Burbs

This is the hardest I’ve laughed in a while. How the Notorious D-A-D found time to do this video, what with his commute times and all, I don’t know. But this one goes out to my bitches OTP!

Thanks to Rob on the EAVBuzz for the tip.

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