Ralph McGill and Williams Street

Ralph McGill and Williams Street

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  1. Gary (unregistered) on October 14th, 2015 @ 7:33 pm

    that ever so disgraceful line about WHO WEARS THE PANTS IN THE HOUSE??? girl he just snhacted away all of your ego, your accomplishments. the whole damn thing. He basically put you back on the shelf with the rest of his trophies and made sure you didn’t get back off of it in front of him around people again. very disturbing. And you looked so good in that dress at the party. And the fact that your husband almost left you at the party *hangs head*Gretchen/Slade: Gretchen is so pretty and i love her hair so much i don’t really even listen to the words she says. I do like how you spoke out about Tamra and Vicki having unsettled beef but GWORL what you also knew is that Vicki already wants to bite your head off bc you “took” her friend .so you might of wanted to play it quiet there and just nod your head. PS. really enjoyed the effort you put into the bracelet you gave to Tamra. Yall are like each other really. You are Tamra in her 30’s and Tamra is what you will probably be when you are 44 like her Slade i love you, but who told you to borrow an outfit from Joey Greco (Cheaters) and wear it to the party? very good thing for you to walk out Sarah tho Heather did have security that she SHOULD of used than having you play wingman lol.Sarah: You need help. Girl. don’t fight it. just go take a nap. for a couple of years.anyone else i miss? Anyways nice ending, though that was a long party. i feel like that party went into the wee hours for them. i would of left or fell asleep in those pink flowers long before they toasted at the end. Im going to miss this series though, bc i can’t keep up with the fast talking confusing ladies of RHONY and RHONJ is a two step away from having a shootout, just too much drama to even keep up with!PS. Tamra .let me get that ring!! I deserve it!

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