Yumbii truck at work

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  1. Ashikurrahman (unregistered) on July 9th, 2014 @ 4:59 pm

    Another great blog post, Empress!IMHO, part of the reason that the
    cast dsrtnetmaoes such contempt toward Alexis and giving her
    nicknames has a lot to do with the powerful/wealthy mega church she
    attends in addition to rumors regarding Jim’s and her business
    practices. She isn’t the only cast member who attends that church
    and it may serve as part of that rumor mill. It has been estimated
    that based upon revenue, it is the eight largest evangelical church
    in the US. The minister appeared on the show in one or two
    episodes.I believe that Bravo, through one of its production
    companies (I read a casting call) is seeking to produce a HW based
    show of wealthy religious women. I wonder if it will ever see
    production?My family considered it improper to discuss religion
    outside the home, other than intellectual discussion regarding the
    basic tenets of major world religions.ITA the entire cast lives in
    silicone glass houses. I wouldn’t want to enter into any business
    ventures with any of them.

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