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totally f#$ck(ing) awesome.

they're not kidding

i’m not a theater critic so this review isn’t going to be the sort of thing you might get from someone who really knows what they are talking about. i am however a fan of musical, a fan of the original frank wedekind work fruhlings erwachen and so for those reasons i was pretty damn excited to head over to the fox last night to catch spring awakening on it’s tour stop here in atlanta.

here’s the thing. it’s awesome. i mean really, really good. it is definitely true to the story, which by the way is teen rebellion, intimacy, homosexuaity, abuse (no wonder it was banned in 19th century germany.) the music is great too; being rock musical-like but with an indie flare. i liked the production too, a set that never really changed or moved much, placing all of the focus on the actors and the story.

some other things i found neat – the actors used handheld mics and even mic stands for some numbers, giving those numbers much more of a concert flare – the moritz character did this a lot; all of the adults in the musical were played by the same two actors, one playing the men and one playing the women; several of the members of the audience were totally unprepared for one character masturbating under his nightshirt on stage and two characters pretty much having r-movie style sex on stage. this last one made for some humorous conversations during intermission out on the smoker’s porch where i went with my friend adam.

last thing i will say; the song totally f$&ked is f*&cking awesome.

go see spring awakening at the fox before it gets on out of here. you won’t be disappointed.

spring awakening
at the fox theatre
march 9-14
tickets via ticketmaster

She’s crafty*

I don’t know what everyone else will be doing this weekend but I’ll be at the Cobb Galleria Centre (just ITP for those that don’t venture outside the realm) for the American Craft Council Show. The show is in its 21st year and it really is the premier place for one-of-a-kind handmade items. The show runs Friday through Sunday (with a special preview benefit Thursday night) and you can get $2 off tickets if you purchase online. But, if you’re a member of Scoutmob (which we’ve touted here before), you already know that today’s deal was 1/2 off a one-day admission to the show. Whether you’re into mixed media, jewelry, glass or any other type of handmade craft, it’s worth the trip to the Galleria to see some of the amazing things that people can create.

*And, please forgive the Beastie Boys reference, I automatically sing it in my head whenever I think of crafts. Yes, I know I’m weird.

How to spend 6 weeks on an intro…

How to spend 6 weeks on an intro, and still deliver something that’ll make everyone wish for a lousy t-shirt instead.

It took 6 weeks, so you’d think this would be a better-crafted intro!

I’m Jim, and I’ll be one of your occasional, humble contributors. I live outside the perimeter in North Henry and work within line of sight of it in South Cobb. I’ve lived in the metro area all my life, split between East Point, Peachtree City, Henry County, Little 5 Points and Virginia Highlands (not even kinda in any logical order!).

Not sure that what I do for a living is all that interesting, but I do get to do it for the oldest incorporated company (1848) in the state. There’s a small irony in that, because my family doesn’t really have any strong roots anywhere. In Southern English, “my people are not from here.” But I am.

And I love this place. I do… even the airport. Heck, especially the airport. As much as I love it, the metro area also drives me crazy. I’m certain the better part of the state legislature is out to raze it from the face of the planet. The traffic nearly drives me to drink. The empty strip malls cause me to shout “why? Why? WHY?” to no one in particular. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

This is my home, and it’ll be my privilege to praise and bury Atlanta, usually in the same breath… but with more praise!

runnING in georgia.

the fourth annual ing georgia marathon is going to be taking place in about twelve days. i have run this race twice, running the inaugural 26.2 four years ago and posting my best ever marathon time last year. i love this race. i love the course, i love how well it showcases the city, strolling through inman park, candler park, decatur, emory hills, va-hi, midtown, tech and downtown. i love it because i ran my best time ever there.

but what i really love it for is how importance it has become for the running community in atlanta. around november you start hearing people talking about “the ING.” getting ready for it, talking about the course, those of us who ran the first year when it was 80 and there was no powerade talking like we are veterans of a foreign war.

this run has become part of what binds our running community in this city. so much so, that i almost feel guilty not running it. maybe next year.

by the way, there are plenty of spots available for both the half marathon and the full. just in case you were wondering.


According to an article I read this morning, the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education announced yesterday that fifteen Georgia high schools graduated at least 85 percent of their students in 2008, improving their graduation rates by at least 10 percentage points over a five-year period. Georgia is known for its particularly low graduation rate so this is good news for Georgia educators.

Seven metro Atlanta schools were on the list including Grady, Mays and Redan high schools. I actually have a childhood friend who teaches at Grady and has nothing but good things to say about the school. He even went so far as to leave UGA, where he was working on his Ph.D., and transfer to GSU, so he could return to teaching at Grady, because he loved it so much.

As the graduate of a public high school, I’m always happy to hear public schools get good press. They tend to be the scapegoat for all that ails education in this state. While I did graduate some years ago, I never once thought I received a bad education. And I still don’t. But maybe I was one of the lucky ones given that I grew up in suburbia (Marietta). Either way, I think a public school education and diploma is nothing to scoff at and I commend these schools for their efforts.

more free tickets to wake up spring!

okay, so thanks to the good folks at spring awakening, we have one more set of tickets to give away for the tony award winning musical spring awakening, playing at the fox starting next week. the tickets are for tuesday night so make sure you are able to go next tuesday at 8 pm.

here is the deal. since spring awakening deals with teen angst, post your best teen angst story in the comments below. you have to bring more than one or two sentences, put some heart into it and at least give me a few paragraphs. from the complete answers, i will pick a winner at random monday around lunch time.

so have at it and good luck.


open thread: weekend plans?

so it’s friday and we want to know what the in thing to do this weekend is. for our part we will be reflecting on the fact that prior commitment will keep us from seeing stephen curry in is one visit to the atl this season, running some dirty miles out at sope creek and just all in all enjoying what appears to be a great weekend weather-wise.

how about you? what’s going on in your world this weekend?

His name is what??

I was walking to class near Woodruff Park around 4, and I heard this loudspeaker click on.  It is surreal sounding – I think there has been some natural disaster, this thing is so loud.

“Garbled garbled garbled…. Walter’s….. garbled…. Downtown is secure!  Downtown is secure!”

WTF?  I mean, that’s good to know of course.  Five minutes later everyone standing outside class gets a phone call.  I check my message, and its again garbled.  A post on GSU’s website indicated that a shot had been fired near Walter’s, which is across the street from the main undergrad classroom.

It turns out that some local rapper name WAKA FLOCKA(for real!!!) got into a fight with Gucci Mane’s crew at Walter’s.  Who is Waka Flocka?

Waka Flocka, aka Juaqin Malphurs, is a member of Gucci Mane’s 1017 Brick Squad. His pseudonym alludes to the sound of cocking a semi-automatic pistol.
“Whoever he is he’s got a big swollen eye now,” [witness Patrick] Morrison said.
Oh, snap!
We joked in break between class that someone must have stepped on someone’s sneaks… we didn’t think we were that close!

Anchors Aweigh

In my continued quest to find free and/or cheap but interesting things to do around town, I bring you free music (for those of you willing to travel a little OTP).

The United States Navy Band will be performing a free concert at Kennesaw State University’s Bailey Performance Center on Wednesday, March 24 at 8:00 pm. It is free to attend but tickets are required from the box office.

It’s probably the closest we’ll ever get to Fleet Week in this ‘burg.

If Hotlanta hadn’t jumped the shark already…

Ohhh, it's a joke. I get it...

We’ve had a little discussion recently about the term Hotlanta.  It won’t die.  Maybe it has just morphed into acceptable ironic territory for natives.  How else to explain the advent of Hotlanta hot sauce?  Get the info at Creative Loafing (h/t: Blissful Glutton).  This showed up on my radar because I immediately recognized one of the founder’s names.  I had some friends that went to high school with Thomas Wessels, and I vaguely remember the guy from parties.

Turns out entrepreneurism runs in the family – his brother Andy is one of the Whynatte guys.  I don’t know either of these guys, but I like to encourage local stuff as much as possible.  (Even if it is only a matter of time before someone on HCWD is wearing Whynatte stuff.)  I’ll have to try the Hotlanta hot sauce next time I’m at Fox Bros.

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