clayton county residents to be screwed by bad government yet again.

c-tran, the beleaguered bus system of clayton county will shut its doors wednesday. it’s sad because c-tran of course serves the people who often most need access to public transportation to get to and from work (thomas wheatley adds it up in the cl fresh loaf here.

there is lots of blame to go around, and a lot of it should be directed at the people who purport to “represent” clayton county. the governor and state leaders of course did their usual disappearing act when it comes to urban commuters who live within 20 miles of the urban core.

what it really speaks to of course is a lack of a central transportation vision for the region. a governor committed to the metro could probably do it if they had the stones to. a house speaker who cared more about the people he supposedly represents could do it. a strong dot with an interest in ALL modes of transportation could probably do it.

of course, Georgia has none of these. and so c-tran riders will be stranded come Wednesday.
11 alive has some good tips here for those c-tran riders screwed once again by their elected officials.

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  1. Rhonda (unregistered) on March 30th, 2010 @ 6:48 pm

    Every person and every county in Georgia was hit hard by the recession, and it isn’t over yet. But Clayton County has suffered the most because of the domino effect that was caused by the selfish, incompetent few of it’s BOE members who, in effect, were guilty of breach of fiduciary duty. This caused a mass exodus of families who fled to Henry and Fayette Counties. Add to that the small businesses who closed, and the small business owners who decided that it would not make good business sense to build in a county that had such a bad reputation. The bottom line is that we cannot afford C-Tran at this time. We also don’t want more taxes! I have lived here since 1985, and I have never seen more that 4 or 5 people on those huge gas guzzling busses. It does not make financial sense to run them empty when we are ALL struggling through this recession. I say we wait a couple of years until we are back on our feet and then try it again with smaller busses.

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