How to spend 6 weeks on an intro…

How to spend 6 weeks on an intro, and still deliver something that’ll make everyone wish for a lousy t-shirt instead.

It took 6 weeks, so you’d think this would be a better-crafted intro!

I’m Jim, and I’ll be one of your occasional, humble contributors. I live outside the perimeter in North Henry and work within line of sight of it in South Cobb. I’ve lived in the metro area all my life, split between East Point, Peachtree City, Henry County, Little 5 Points and Virginia Highlands (not even kinda in any logical order!).

Not sure that what I do for a living is all that interesting, but I do get to do it for the oldest incorporated company (1848) in the state. There’s a small irony in that, because my family doesn’t really have any strong roots anywhere. In Southern English, “my people are not from here.” But I am.

And I love this place. I do… even the airport. Heck, especially the airport. As much as I love it, the metro area also drives me crazy. I’m certain the better part of the state legislature is out to raze it from the face of the planet. The traffic nearly drives me to drink. The empty strip malls cause me to shout “why? Why? WHY?” to no one in particular. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

This is my home, and it’ll be my privilege to praise and bury Atlanta, usually in the same breath… but with more praise!

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