Surely everyone at Cartoon Network is high

I’m a little bit late, but I got very excited about this:

Rapper T-Pain has executive produced a one-hour animated special set to air on Adult Swim in March called “Freaknik.”…

The special features T-Pain as the “ghost of Freaknik.” Fellow rap starLil Wayne voices a man named Jesus. (Some Web reports erroneously say he’s actually playing Christ. Not true.) Plotwise, Lil Wayne’s character advises four guys who are coming to Atlanta to compete in a battle of the bands contest during Freaknik, according to Adult Swim spokesman Tim De Claire.

I’m not sure how many of y’all were around for Freaknik – it has been about a decade since He Who Shall Not Be Named shut it down, and I get the impression from the comments that there are a lot of folks who have been here 5-8 years.

I can’t say exactly why this excites me. It isn’t like I have great memories of Freaknik, even though I was in high school when it was at its peak. I was always rather neutral about it – things never seemed to get very crazy over towards my area, and I didn’t really have much interest in going to where the action was.  I actually remember things were pretty quite around my area because just about every adult I knew either went out of town for a week or stocked up on groceries like it was about to snow.

I do remember this kid on the Grady High JV baseball team almost hyperventilating as he shouted, “Freaknik comin, Freaknik comin,” over and over on the way to a game because he was so excited. That always makes me laugh.

I think I just have a knee-jerk excitement when anything Atlanta related makes any kind of national noise.  I certainly wouldn’t own any of the T.I. songs I have if he weren’t from Atlanta, I know that much.  I like them all, I just probably wouldn’t have paid enough attention otherwise.

Also, Adult Swim is utterly awesome and I will watch anything about Freaknik that they deign to produce.

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  1. Stephanie (locaboca) on January 21st, 2010 @ 10:45 am

    I was working for the State Legislature the last few years of Freaknik and I remember always getting to leave early that Friday afternoon so we wouldn’t get caught in the traffic and crowds. The funny thing about it was we ladies were allowed to leave an hour or two before the men. Guess they could fend for themselves, right? LOL

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