Me and you, your mama, and your cousin too

One thing about growing up in Atlanta and going to Atlanta Public Schools I’ve found is that folks are often quite surprised at what you know.  Nowadays I look mostly like your average MBA student, since that is my daytime alter ego.  Before that, I was known to rock a red mohawk on occasion.  So my friends were genuinely surprised when I busted out the Bankhead Bounce in the middle of dinner at the Graveyard a few months ago.  La Novia finds the juxtaposition of me doing this all too amusing.  She always asks me to do the, “what’s it called?  the bipity bop?  do the bipity bop!”

Growing up in APS also leads to interesting exchanges where people assume you know less than you do.  El Hermano made a rather dry comment on an email list purposefully misunderstanding some rap lyrics one day a while back.  This prompted someone to painstakingly explain the “translation” of the lyric to him.  Needless to say, El Hermano was slightly offended.

“G-d!  These people didn’t get it.  They act like I’m some old fuddy duddy who doesn’t get ‘the hippity hop music.'”

Needless to say, there is a mix CD in my car titled, “Hippity Hop.”  On this CD is a ton of old Outkast, specifically, “Elevators”:


This song always makes me think of freshman year at Grady High – this guy Frank Martin was running for class president, and he had posters up all over school playing off various Outkast lyrics:

Me and you

Your mama

And your cousin, too

Are all voting for Frank Martin!

El Hermano also recalls the band playing the horn bit from SpottieOttiedopalicious during football games.  I have no idea if they actually did, but the most definitely should have.  In fact, it should be required playing by all football games.

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