damn it’s humid.

i am training right now for the 2009 marine corps marathon with the georgia chapter of team in training (which by the way is an incredible org and if you are thinking of trying an endurance event i highly recommend them.) i’ve trained for and run four marathons now, but this is my first time training for an early fall event. and what i have learned is that means i am training right through the heart of atlanta’s summer.

and it’s humid. damn humid.

actually i have been quite unprepared for how difficult it is to run long mileage in this humidity. the runs are draining, i sweat like crazy and no matter how much water i drink i can’t seem to get through the run without sweating out everything.

so how about it atlanta runners….those of you with lots of experience running through this humidity. do you have any advice for me? what tricks do you use to get through these dog days of august.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


(that means stop reading if you are going to be offended by a shameless plug. don’t click the link if you don’t want to read it.)

…no seriously i mean it. i don’t want any comments about the shameless plug. i warned you. if you are going to leave a comment about it stop reading now.

still here? i am of course raising money to find a cure for blood cancer as part of my training for this marathon. if you are interested in learning more about helping me out you can check out my team in training page.

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  1. jett on August 11th, 2009 @ 12:02 pm

    Sounds pretty sweet, James. Or should I say sweat? Anyhoo, that is admirable that you are braving this intolerable ocean in the sky. I am originally from Tennessee, so I was no stranger to this weather when I moved here a while back. Seriously though… there is no amount of time that passes where you are suddenly used to it. Your clothes cling to you, you feel sweat rolling down your face, down your back under your clean clothes. Gross.

    Oh, right. Advice is what you were really wanting, not a rant. The only thing I can really offer here is that my old trainer used to make me do interval running. Like run 5 minutes, walk 2 minutes. It builds your stamina, but also allows you to breathe deeper during the down time. I know this isn’t the greatest advice, and I am definitely not a runner in a normal sense of the word. So take it with a grain of salt!

    Good luck with your marathon!

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