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is that fall i smell?

please let it me…please, please, please.

i woke up this morning (and i didn’t get myself a gun, but instead headed to the marta station) and i could feel to cool crispness that i associate with fall.

and oh dear god, i hope it is.

is it just me or has this summer been especially brutal with the humidity? maybe i’m only noticing it now because i am marathon training but damn has it taken it’s toll.

i know many of you love the summer with your beaches and outdoor festivals and what-not. as for me, i am ready for fall.

If Bourdain Came to ATL

Local food stylist and foodie TamiH recently tweeted the following:

tweet tweet

Her follow up thoughts were mostly in-town, upscale spots that have one or two extra bright spots of deliciousness.

It’s hard to pick a place that says “ATLANTA”….
If i wanted to do a good food tour…it would be progressive dinner…Cakes & Ale for Corina’s cocktails with some fried okra…
..then on to Pura Vida for more small plates…esp. the mushroom celery leaf/hearts of palm salad, the goat mofongo, ceviche
…then Aria for a filling app or two like the truffled potato thing and then one of Aria’s awesome desserts
A keep it real tour would be: Ann’s or The Vortex for burgers, Northside Tavern for booze, Carver’s for hole in the wall yummy

My suggestion hands down would Mulligans, but it’s closed. *a moment of silence, please*

Where would you take Bourdain, or suggest that he go? Witticisms and predictible snappy one liners aside.

Riding the trains in the ATL

Train at Hartsfield

Train at Hartsfield

I’m out of town for the weekend, which means I got to spend Wednesday evening at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.  Now, us natives were using the ATL code long before it was in a video or movie or anything.  I can’t recall how many times I’ve been at Hartsfield in my life.  I love Hartsfield.  FTR, I completely agree with everything James has to say about how great the airport is.

I really have a life-long affair with Hartsfield.  When I was a tiny little boy, el hermano and I would get up as early as possible on the weekends.  I can’t tell you why – apparently it seemed like a good idea to our three and four year old brains.  Anyway, having twin boys up and running around at 6 am wasn’t my folks idea of a relaxing Sunday morning.  Their solution?  Hartsfield.


open thread: footie or soapboxes this weekend?

okay, it’s friday afternoon, which mean i want, no i NEED, to know what you kids are up to this weekend. it is what i live for, it’s what gets me through the final hours before i can hop on the marta #140 and get my ass home.

your intrepid author will either be a)watching the red bull soapbox derby (assuming it’s not raining) or b) hanging out at either the brewhouse cafe (if i can get a table) or the midway pub (if i can’t) to watch manchester united v. arsenal (assuming rain cancels plan a.)

how about you, kids. what’s going down this sat and sun?

Grant Park Summer Shade Festival is this weekend!


Hopefully, it won’t be the summer “take cover from the torrential rain and deadly lightning” festival, but regardless, the Grant Park Summer Shade Festival is usually a good time.  There’s food, music, and drinks for the grownups.  For the youngsters, there’s storytellers, jugglers, and signing.  Children are permitted to eat and drink, too, but it’s unlikely to be much of a draw for them.

Best I can tell, there are no clowns.  Some of us are not upset about a likely absence of clowns.

But what about dogs?  Can the dogs enjoy the festival?  Apparently not.  Unless you’re certain attendance will stay below 10,000, you’ll be violating a city ordinance if you bring your pet.  It’s like the “fewer than 15 items” line at the store, but with fur.  And fines.  Maybe it’s nothing like the “fewer than 15 items” line.

The 5k starts at 8am tomorrow; the rest of the festivities begin at 10am.  We’ll likely head that way after the runners are finished.

Atlanta(ish) Music Venue — Eddie’s Attic

There are few Atlanta-area music venues that I would call unique. Eddie’s Attic, while technically a Decatur music venue, would be one of those. Why is that? Well, first because Eddie’s Attic is located in Decatur smoking is not allowed within its confines. Second, and perhaps more importantly for me, it is a small venue which caters to acoustic shows and has a staff that works hard to make sure that the patrons keep their mouths shut during shows except for eating and drinking purposes. Yes, Eddie’s come right up front by mandating that talking through a show will not be tolerated and backs it up by asking people to leave if they can’t contain themselves from breaking this courtesy. Huzzah!

Another thing unique to Eddie’s is the concept of “early” and “late” shows; on many ocassions Eddie’s schedules two shows a night to provide options for its patrons.

Like many Atlanta/Decatur venues Eddie’s is more than just a music venue. Eddie’s has a separate bar and seating area outside where people can mingle and talk to their hearts’ content. Drinks and food can be ordered both inside and out.

Eddie’s Attic was originally opened in 1992 by Eddie (Owen), was sold in 2002 to Todd van Sickle (husband to Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles) who then sold it to its current owner, Bob Ephlin, in 2005.1

Decatur’s parking may be Eddie’s the only detriment to a fun night at Eddie’s Attic. Limited metered spots (meters not checked after 6:30pm so I am told) are nearby, but if none are available you’ll find yourself paying to park in someone’s lot.

    What I Like

  • The sound is usually great.
  • Silence from the audience is encouraged and enforced.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside.
  • Venue is small so shows are intimate.
  • Because the room is all partially general admission if you get there early enough and you can almost guarantee a good place to see the show.
  • Prices for shows are generally reasonable.
  • Food is available through the show.
    What I Dislike

  • Parking can be somewhat of a bother.
  • Venue is small so shows can sell out quickly.
  • Stage is tiny, larger bands will never fit.
  • Tickets cannot be purchased in advance at Eddie’s.

Address : 515-B North McDonough St, Decatur, GA
Capacity : 1852
Cameras Allowed? : Maybe, depending on the show
Smoking Allowed? : No
All Ages? : Only for specified shows
Ticket Source : Eddie’s Attic’s website
Favorite Shows I’ve Seen Here : Bob Mould, Alejandro Escovedo, Christine Kane

What’s your opinion of Eddie’s Attic?

1 : Eddie’s Attic’s website
2 : Eddie’s Attic’s website

go see the beggar’s guild. tonight.

my favorite atlanta-based rock band is not one of those trendy indie bands. you won’t see their name painted on the krog street underpass or read about them in paste. yes, our city has plenty of those and many are very good, but my favorite atlanta band has to be roots rock combo the beggar’s guild (web facebook myspace).

i love these guys because they play tight, well written rock songs about all the great rock themes. the music is catchy and fun and they are pretty incredible musicians. i have been to see them live many times and never left after a bad time. they also happen to be pretty decent dudes, the kind of musicians you want to support. even if drummer jon chalden is a cardinals fan. seriously it’s good enough to get me to overcome that objection.

anyway, the guys are playing tonight at smith’s in support of sam thacker and his cd release. i don’t know sam thacker at all, but i can tell you this, if the guys in the beggar’s guild are playing with him, he’s probably pretty good.

so go check ’em out.

tickets $10 advance until 2pm today on ticket alternative, or $12 at the door.

the yum-cake factory.

okay, time to give just a little bit of link-love to my newest and somewhat expensive new obsession, the atlanta cupcake factory.

i don’t know why, but a couple of weeks ago i dropped in here on a whim on my way home from the whole foods on ponce (yes, no boycott for me) and decided to see the goods and pick up a surprise dessert for my friends who were coming over that evening.

i looked in the case and was floored. row after row of amazingly crafted cupcakes. flavors that knocked me out too; sugar cookie with caramel icing, cinnamon cupcakes, key lime pie cupcakes. i bought six and took them home and they delivered.

oh did they ever.

anyway, i went back again and got another clamshell. i am still working my way through the various flavors bu the consensus seems to be on the sugar cookie cupcakes, and i can tell you from personal experience that if you see the grasshopper icing or the nutella cupcake jump on it.

the dreaded “non-commercial” creative commons license is unfrotunately keeping me from dropping a photo in this post (and i was too silly to bring along my camera) but just click here and you will see what i mean.

here are the details:

atlanta cupcake factory
624 north highland ave

Oooooh! You know what we need?

Amidst the constant clusterfu¢kery getting in and out of the Whole Foods on Ponce, you’re about to have another inanimate object to cuss at and all the “which way should I go, George” drivers that will come with it: they’re putting in a CVS.


We were just musing this weekend what a PITA it is to escape Midtown Promenade (Midtown Landmark Cinema, Apres Diem, The Highlander) and how they should really put a short, steep cut through to WF/Home Depot in – you know – just an alternate escape route.

Because the universe heard me and hates me, it decided to help make things worse instead of better.

Traffic in that area will be an even bigger treat than it is today in 3…2…1…

Parish 1; Ben 0

I cannot emphasize how massive this thing is.  And awesome.

I cannot emphasize how massive this thing is. And how awesome.

I just had the most incredible breakfast at Parish on N. Highland Ave in Inman Park.  I also can’t remember when I ate this much.  I had the Eggs Poulet:

Eggs Poulet – buttermilk biscuit, Creole fried chicken breast, poached eggs, andouille sawmill gravy, pontalba hash

Oh. My. God.  Fantastic.  I’m conflicted about this meal, though, because as incredible as it was, it was just too much.  The fried chicken was large enough to serve alone as my dinner.  The waitress looked at me with concern when I asked if anyone ever finished the whole thing.

Unfortunately, I have a complete inability not to eat things that are in front of me (James can testify to this).  I simply cannot stop shoveling things into my gut.

I ate this entire thing, and I feel like I have been beaten.  About half way through, la novia looked at me and laughed.  “You look stoned,” she said.  I was slumped in the chair with a vacant stare, my eyes drooping and my mouth half open trying to collect myself.  I felt like a prize fighter between rounds, trying to rally for the bell.

I have lots more to say about Parish – the market below is great, the interior architecture is fantastic, the wait staff is great, the history of the building is interesting – but I’m still recovering from the breakfast.

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