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there are times when enforcing the “no waiting” policy in front of the terminals at hartsfield makes very little sense, such as around 10:30 pm on any evening, or early morning on a weekend. as you might guess, these are the times during which the atlanta police stationed at the airport seem most interested in enforcing this so-called “rule” to the extent that i almost watched a dude get cuffed, henry louis gates style, while waiting on a ride late on night.

then there are other times when there is a ton of traffic waiting to pick people up and enforcement of this rule seems like it might make a lot of sense. weekday mornings, weekdays early evening and sunday afternoons in the summer when everyone like me is coming home from vacation (yes, this post is directly correlated to my flight home from aruba yesterday.) as you might guess these are times when an atlanta police office is impossible to find.

my buddy rich picked my up around 1 pm yesterday and was able to sit at the curb for about 15 minutes waiting on me. the truck in front of him had been there even longer as was still there when we left.

not an atlanta police office in sight. well not true, we did see one as we pulled away. standing in the cross walk at the end of the terminal “directing traffic” while she talked on her cell phone.

the things that make me go hmmmmmmmmm……

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