Sometimes you gotta get out of town

One of the many things I like about Atlanta is that it is relatively close to many other places.   For example, last weekend I was able to go to Charleston for a few days.  La novia and I left Friday after she got off work and got into Charleston around 10pm.  We had a great day getting the dogs in the ocean and avoiding fines from the beach patrol, checking out downtown, and going out to eat.  Sunday morning brought me a Big Nasty Biscuit, and I got home in time for True Blood and Entourage.  Total cost for the weekend?  $50 – $60 each, since we stayed with friends.

I’m writing this from the Blue Ridge mountains in North Carolina, again staying with friends and family.  I got up at 6:30 to drive up to the Nantahala river.  A few hours of Gut Wrenching Terror (paddling whitewater in inner tubes), and now I’m chilling out watching the Braves take on the Brewers.  I’ll be back (again) in time for my stories.  Total cost? $40 for gas, plus whatever I buy at the grocery store to cook tomorrow night.

I just love that it is so easy to get out of the city when I need to.  I mean, I LOVE Atlanta, and there is a LOT to do.  Most of my weekends in town are quite full.  But you know, sometimes you just gotta get away.  Atlanta is 3-5 hours away from almost anything you could want for a great weekend.  Whitewater?  Check.  Beach?  Check.  Camping and hiking? Check.   Relaxing mountain get-away? Check.

Heck, it isn’t my boat, but you can get down to the coast for some sea kayaking pretty easily, too.  Historic Savannah?  Four hours.  Music City?  Four hours.  A friend of mine just went to a wedding in Gatlinburg last weekend, if that is your bag (I’ll pass on it).  Gas prices aren’t nuts this summer, which helps.  Personally, I am continually surprised and impressed with all the cool stuff close to the city.  I am embarassed to admit this, but I’ve never been to Savannah – so I hope that will be my next weekend trip.

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