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The Majestic - image by rustytanton

The Majestic - image by rustytanton

Thursday nights are my Friday nights.  I have two classes downtown from about 4:30-9:45, and no classes on Friday, so when I am done with my last class for the week I always want to go do something.  Last night, I called el hermano and we went to the Majestic for the first time in while.  The Majestic itself was rather anti-climactic, but what happened afterward made my night.

I was standing outside after dinner, sharing a smoke with el hermano, when we were approached for a cigarette by what was clearly a transvestite with bad makeup.  After bumming a smoke, she introduced herself as “Cat.”

“Cat?” I repeated.  I have a hearing problem.

“Alley Cat,” she said with a wink.  “I’m not homeless,” she said before beginning to explain that she had AIDS, and pulled out a piece of paper with a Grady Health System logo on it.  She looked a little rough – I knew where this was going.

“Sorry, dude, we don’t have any cash,” I said, which was actually true for once.

“I’m not a dude, I’m a shim.”  Doh.  I was afraid I had offended her.  I really hadn’t meant anything by it – it just came out.  I backtracked a little.

“I guessed that.  But I call everyone dude. I didn’t mean anything by it.”  I don’t call everyone dude.  I have no idea what protocol is here.  I can’t decide if I’m amused by this exchange or kinda sketched out.  “Seriously though, we don’t have any cash.”

“That’s okay.  I don’t really have AIDS.”  She smiled and she sashayed away.  It is settled.  I am amused.  In fact, it made my night.

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