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R.I.P. Dusty’s

Via Repeat Atlanta, I learned that Dusty’s on Briarcliff has closed.  Apparently they lost their lease after 27 years. I haven’t been to Dusty’s in maybe five years, and before that one time it had probably been 8 years or so since I had been.  So this certainly isn’t a “aww, I wish they could have stayed in business, what is the world coming to” posts.  If I cared that much, clearly I would have eaten there more.

There is still a twinge of sadness in the news for me.  When I was in little league, my dad would always take me to Dusty’s for dinner after a game.  I recall the food as pretty good, but when you are 10 I’m not sure you can appreciate good food.  Dusty’s was as old as I am, although I didn’t realize that until now.  Anyway, I thought I should mark the occassion a little.

hooray for pix!!!


she will probably kill me for posting this picture here, but congrats to our own maigh who sold her first ever print at the atlanta photography exhibit friday night in castleberry hill.

as an aside, having toured the exhibit, there are some amazingly talented photographers in the atlanta area taking some pretty damn amazing photos. and, yes, i would include our own paulie in that bunch. he exhibited one print of the sun setting over the atlanta skyline that was just out of control good.

it was also my first time ever attending the castleberry hill art stroll and i really enjoyed it. some really great art and of course some really pretentious art as well that made for great comedy.

the best in the latter category was a man in overall standing in a giant bowl of salad, tossing it with two wooden stilt arms and hands.

unfortunately i didn’t snap a picture of this, but i am hoping James S. did and will post it here soon.

congrats again, maigh!!!

Festival Rules = Stoopid

I can (kinda) see why dogs weren’t allowed in the Iman Park Festival, but really don’t understand why they then allow children (equally messy and harder still to control) and even more to the point: strollers.

Really? You want to bring a massive stroller to a festival with tens of thousands of people and barely any room to move without thanks to your double-wide and THEN you want to walk 2mph? Really?


That is all.

pix from your favorite bloggers.

maigh and paulie are not ones to be shameless self-promoters (unlike me, i will shamelessly plug anything i am involved with) so it falls on my to inform you that these two, who are amongst the team that puts this blog together and also great amateur photgraphers, will be showcasing some of their photos as part of the atlanta photography exhibit taking place tonight in castleberry hill.

the exhibit is being held during the april castleberry hill art stroll and will be showcasing from 6-10 tonight.

this is maigh’s first exhibit of her photos so ya’ll go on out and support her.

(you can support paulie too, although we are generally much less concerned about his well being)

pollen, pollen, go away.

Pollen by Heather Kennedy

Pollen by Heather Kennedy

just for moral support, has anyone else been suffering the effects of atlanta’s ridiculous spring tree and grass pollen season?

(yes i recognize this is a stupid question with an obvious answer, but it is a blatant ploy for some sympathy.)

seriously, it’s been bad news for me this week. i had to stay home on monday dealing with multiple symptoms and have had a pollen-induced headache for about 6 days running now.

it is an annual rite of atlanta spring isn’t it? the yellow snow that covers everything from car windows to streets on the worst days.

i checked the weather channels pollen report this morning and our tree pollen has been out of control although starting to subside some.

of course that is quickly being replaced by a high level of grass pollen.

is there any escape? doubtful and i suppose this is the price i pay for all the trees we get to enjoy in this city.

Songs about Atlanta: Murder Kroger

Hmm.  So posting kind of fell off a cliff last week.  I have a decent excuse – finals.  I don’t know about the rest of these slackers, though.  Zing! Oh, but I kid, I kid.

So here is my slacker attempt to get back on the blogging wagon.  In what is probably my last entry in the Songs About Atlanta series, I thought I’d highlight a fun local band, Attractive Eighties Women.  Amidst very serious songs such as “Padamonium” that are sure to please zoo lovers like James (verse: gotta kill the baby panda), comes the wonderful “Murder Kroger,” about everyone’s favorite grocery store on Ponce de Leon.

It’s a grocery store with a deadly twist
You’ll get shot in the head for your shopping list
Murder Kroger

it’s the worst place to shop in all of Atlanta
you could lose your life over twelve pack of Fanta

Check the mp3 on the band’s music page.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these guys at Lenny’s, and a fantastic set at Dragon*Con last year where the lead singer used a portable microphone box to play on the patio of the Hyatt.  Scenesters will also love “They shoot hipsters, don’t they“, with the shout-out to now defunct Decatur Social Club.

file under: stuff i’d be doing this weekend if i wasn’t so lame.

prince vs. michael jackson

prince vs. michael jackson

yeah, not a clubber at all. in fact since i run most saturday mornings i am usually in bed by 10 in the evening while most of you are just getting wound up.

oh well.

i’ve never been in atlanta’s sutra lounge but when i came across the above poster in joe’s east atlanta coffee shop i thought, damn, now that is something i would consider actually going out for.

i’m not going to, i’m running the big peach 5k but i would.

i mean seriously, a night of dj’s mixing up nothing but prince and michael jackson? how badass is that?

if you go, enjoy and let me know so i can live vicariously through you.

Saturday: Beltline Clean-up

I got the following email from a friend of mine, and I thought I’d pass it along:

It’s that time again!  This Saturday morning from 8am to noon we will be doing another BeltLine Clean-Up in honor of Earth Day.  This clean-up effort will focus on the section of the Northeast Corridor from North Highland Avenue south to DeKalb Avenue as it winds its way through Inman Park and the Old Fourth Ward.  Come on out and enjoy a great time with friends and colleagues as we continue to prepare for the BeltLine development.  Free food and t-shirts available and a post party celebration at Studioplex.

Sign up by Wednesday at

See the flyer: beltline_cleanup_4181final

tomorrow is ride marta day.

in an effort to show support for atlanta’s beleaguere but absolutely vital public transit system, a grassroots movement has organized around the idea of having a “ride marta day” tomorrow.

it’s really easy to participate. you just ride marta. that’s it. nothing more.

seriously, just plan one trip on marta that you might have normally taken in a car. a strong turnout will show out “leaders” that we atlantans care about having a vital public transportation system.

this issue is of course deeply personal to me as someone who rides on marta every day and loves the system, the people that operate it and ride on it. so i am personally asking for you to support ride marta day.

and one other thought – try riding a bus if you never have. i know many people really dislike the idea of riding a bus, but give it a whirl. you might be surprised.

you can find more information on the ride marta day web site including a list of supporting organizations.

also the citizens for progressive transit’s a-train trip planner is a great resource for planning your marta trip tomorrow.

happy riding. if you see me on the #9, the north-south line, or the #140 say hello.

David Sedaris @ Cobb Energy Center

The first time I saw David Sedaris do his thing was several years ago at Woodruff.

Scratch that.

The first time I paid attention to the name David Sedaris was when a girlfriend from work insisted I see him with her at Woodruff – I’d heard of him/heard him on NPR – telling me time and again in the days leading up to it what a talented writer he was, how hysterical he was and how much I’d love his snark. It was several years ago, after the bust but after all my gray hair arrived. 2003?

At the time I think Sedaris was pushing “Me Talk Pretty One Day” which is still my favorite of his works – bypassing Holidays on Ice, SantaLand Diaries (done regularly as a monologue production at Horizon Theaterr in L5P) , When You Are Engulfed in Flames, Barrel Fever and Dress Your Family in Corduroy in Denim by quite a stretch. Maybe it was my fantasies of living in Europe and horrifying people with stories that didn’t translate. Maybe it was the explicit stories about his brothers dogs and their unique bathroom habits. Either way, it’s still my favorite.

Rewinding though – back to 2003 or earlier – I went to the reading skeptical that I could be wow’ed but found myself chuckling. I was amazed by his wit and use of big words to tell funny, self deprecating stories, and enchanted by his tales spun with colors and character and brutal ruthless honesty charms and disarms. I was in love.

If you haven’t read his stuff, enjoy this link a friend left in my comments on facebook today when I twittered about going.

Go ahead. Read it. I’ll wait.

Done then? Did you LOL? For realz? Me too, and I’d read the story before.

Tonight at The Cobb (can I call it that? Makes it sound more fun than it is.) he had me squirming and chuckling and EWWWWWWWWWWWWing again. In fact, I think his goal tonight was to gross people out. I’ll give you a highlight: making butter from breast milk.

He read from his diary, breezed a few not-so-short shorts that aren’t in books (yet) and took a few questions from the audience. The first one he responded to was “why don’t you twitter” and I’m curious to know if that person was planted, and/or if it was someone I know.

All that to say it was good, that coming from me who is biased and really really likes him. Was it $30 good? Yup. Was it nearly $50 good after the pounding in the ass I got from Ticketmaster? Meh. For the experience and opportunity to have him sign a book, youbetcha. For having your seat kicked and being distracted (see also: ADD to begin with) extensively? Tough to say. Am I glad I went? Hells yes.

With regards to The Cobb, I have a few words of advice:
– Go to dinner before at Top Spice by Babies R Us (huge ups to one of my girls for suggesting)
– Walk from there to The Cobb and save yourself $5-10 for parking and the headache of getting out
– Don’t plan to check email, twitter or anything else once you’re in the theater, b/c it’s a dead zone. Especially a PITA if you’re planning to hookup with friends seated elsewhere
– If you’re a tall – or even “normal” sized man – please stay home. While there isn’t a bad seat in the house, there’s also no room for your legs, knees or feet. At one point last night I leaned over to one of the girls I was with and said “I have a Leatherman in my bag. Do you think it would be okay if I spiked his foot to the floor with my pliers? That was the 34th time he’s kicked my seat in 5 minutes.”

On a related note: I can only assume most of the people seated in our row and the rows in front of us grew up in a land without culture or common sense, since the event was only two hours and we had to stand a handful of times to let people in and out of the row. Really? REALLY? You didn’t go BEFORE the show? AYFKM? Then sit in the aisle and live with the repercussions of your inability to plan.

Who exactly would I work with to make it so these people and the people who arrived late are permanently banned from attending shows of any kind in Atlanta? One strike. We could gather their thumbprints or brand them. Whatcha think? Ticketmaster could probably handle that for us, right? I mean, as long as their already sodomizing us with golf clubs and stealin’ our lunch money…?

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