Quiet morning

I drove into Midtown this morning for some part time work before classes start at GSU next week.  About half the staff at the office I’m working at is taking the day off – I’m sure most of you guys are having the same experience.

I kind of love being one of the only people out in the city on days like this. There was zero traffic, although I never have much trouble getting here since I live in-town, but everything is pretty quiet. One or two hard-core joggers were out as I drove past Piedmont Park, bundled up but still running. The sky had that almost-night gray haze you get in the winter, where even though it is 8am it still feels a little too early to be out.

It felt like the city was taking a breather.  I went out for breakfast yesterday, but it really just felt like a Saturday since everyone was out, too, and the weather was great.  Today is a day where maybe you feel just a little guilty for taking it off, or you at least had to spend a vacation day on it.  It doesn’t have the same out-of-school-early feel that New Year’s Day has.  With the overcast weather, it felt like the city was still sleeping.

No one is motivated, but for once it is okay.  I had one companion on the elevator ride, and we both were oddly chipper for going in to work today.  We seemed to share the knowledge that it would not be a hard day, since no one else was going to be in to make trouble for us.  We still get credit for coming in, but it’s not like we are going to get anything done.

My work place has a nice big window that I stare out of half the day, where I can see out over Ansley Park and probably out into DeKalb County.  It actually looks very peaceful, because the treets obscure most of the buildings and the land rolls into hills just a bit.  The sky is still grey and overcast, and there might even be a little fog covering the trees.  Good luck getting anything done today.

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