chaos at the loaf.

wow things are not good these days at creative loafing.

most of you are probably already aware that the paper’s parent company is in bankruptcy after a poorly executed acquisition of alt-weeklies in dc and chicago, and if you follow the creative loafing blog you are aware that the paper fired editor ken edelstein yesterday in an apparent dispute over further cuts in the paper’s editorial staff.

now i am not a journalist, apart from being an amateur blogger and general commentator of atlanta’s social media scene, and i also haven’t seen creative loafing’s books so i know nothing about whether the paper needed more cuts in ed. staff or not. i am sure ken’s supporters will holler no way, as the ever bombastic john sugg is already doing. while the paper’s owners and advisers will scream it was necessary. again, i have no way of knowing who is right in this debate.

it seems also that the firing has apparently cost creative loafing the services of key journalist andisheh nouaree according to various twitter and facebook updates.

and this is a real shame. while i almost never agreed with him on anything poitical, andy has great wit, a good writing style and covered local issues better than anyone. his feature piece on carrying his gun around after the latest gun-bill passed was one of the best pieces of local journalism out there.

i’ll be honest, other than andy and thomas wheatley, who does an incredible job covering transportation, i quit reading cl and especially their blog more than a month ago. my politics are no secret to anyone who had read what i have written, and while i love to disagree with people, the daily, childish, name calling rants that were being served up on the fresh loaf got to be be too much for me.

which is sad. i really like the loaf, i think it serves an important purpose and has done some great work in the time i have been here (thomas wheatley’s piece on clayton county comes to mind as well as the previously linked andisheh piece and of course the reporting on the black mafia family.)

things seem really bad there now. i don’t know if this sort of chaos is the sort of thing the loaf can survive. if not i hope some enterprising kids start their own paper. some advice though, be left-wing if you want, but try to be respectful of those that disagree with you. we read too, and we click on ads.

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  1. Will (atl_will) on November 25th, 2008 @ 5:32 pm

    The Chicago alt-weekly they picked up, The Chicago Reader, was a great (and to my knowledge, profitable) paper in its day. I’m surprised that they couldn’t make their operations lucrative off ad revenue alone. I fret for the future.

  2. james hervey (jeherv) on November 25th, 2008 @ 6:06 pm

    i remember the city paper from my days growing up in dc. it was an incredible paper too.

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