Who The Hell Is Matt? And Why Was He Here?

Matt? He’s just this guy.

He has this little dance he does and he’s been doing it for some time now. Back in 2005, a friend suggested that he film himself doing this dance. And he did. Everywhere he went, he’d dance in front of a camera. Eventually, he put this collection of silly dances (or rather, one silly dance repeated in various settings) on the Internet. This made him somewhat famous.

In 2006, he danced some more. On Stride Gum’s dime, Matt “took a 6 month trip through 39 countries on all 7 continents.”* Pretty neat.

Then in 2007, he approached Stride with a new idea. He no longer wanted to dance alone. He wanted others to dance as well. Many, many others. Stride thought this was a cool idea, so they sent him everywhere.

(Including Atlanta.)

The finished product of Matt’s 2007 World Tour of Bad Dancing has been posted. And if you’re really observant — and not overly misty by a strange and unfamiliar sense of humanity’s goodness — you can catch a two or three second glimpse of Matt in our fair city. Maybe you’ll see someone you know.

(It’s around the 3:21 mark, but for the sake of your own soul, don’t skip ahead.)

Rediscovered via MeFi

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