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I realize that this weekend is Independence Day but it’s also Pride.

Here are some ecards (via commemorating the upcoming event:

Pride Parade someecard

Pride Parade someecard

More info on Pride here.

Have a happy, safe & festive weekend, whatever you’re celebrating!

fun with maps (or wtf are the buses?)

the center for neighborhood technology has released a new series of maps to showcase transportation and affordability in various cities.

the atlanta maps are interesting with lots of detail, but i think the most interesting ones are the transit ones. the map above is a zoom in on the area around my house showcasing how many transit lines are within walking distance. i am lucky to live in an area where i can walk to multiple bus routes, but what shocked even me, was how many wide swaths of the city have only one transit route within walking distance. and i am not talking about suburbia (alpharetta, duluth, etc.) i am talking about buckhead, vinings, druid hills, parts of east atlanta etc.

you can play around with the atlanta map here

i suppose this is probably another reason why so few people go the marta route. when there is only one bus route it takes an insane amount of planning to make your destination on-time and makes spur-of-the-moment trips difficult. it can be done, but it definitely is hard.

a call to you gwinettians though – you can begin to help improve this by voting yes to the transit option in your upcoming primary.

h/t to ben at the excellent blog terminal station for the find.

Who The Hell Is Matt? And Why Was He Here?

Matt? He’s just this guy.

He has this little dance he does and he’s been doing it for some time now. Back in 2005, a friend suggested that he film himself doing this dance. And he did. Everywhere he went, he’d dance in front of a camera. Eventually, he put this collection of silly dances (or rather, one silly dance repeated in various settings) on the Internet. This made him somewhat famous.

In 2006, he danced some more. On Stride Gum’s dime, Matt “took a 6 month trip through 39 countries on all 7 continents.”* Pretty neat.

Then in 2007, he approached Stride with a new idea. He no longer wanted to dance alone. He wanted others to dance as well. Many, many others. Stride thought this was a cool idea, so they sent him everywhere.

(Including Atlanta.)

The finished product of Matt’s 2007 World Tour of Bad Dancing has been posted. And if you’re really observant — and not overly misty by a strange and unfamiliar sense of humanity’s goodness — you can catch a two or three second glimpse of Matt in our fair city. Maybe you’ll see someone you know.

(It’s around the 3:21 mark, but for the sake of your own soul, don’t skip ahead.)

Rediscovered via MeFi

Atlanta gets Real Housewives treatment from Bravo

Like Orange County and New York before us, Atlanta is now set to have it’s own Real Housewives cable show, via Bravo:

Staying true to previous installments, The Real Housewives of Atlanta will follow the lives of five women from Atlanta’s elite who truly live the glamorous life. The southern socialites include a charitable NBA wife, a single-and-looking mom and an outspoken entrepreneur. Between juggling their busy social calendars, home life and budding careers, these gals will give viewers an up close and personal look at their affluent — and often ridiculously dramatic — lives.

For those of you who can’t wait until the new season kicks off, Bravo will air a preview special Wednesday, July 30 at 12 am/ET.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

I’m not a big fan of either of the first two series, but I may tune in now that the Real Housewives are in-town (one hopes). We’ll see if it ends up being the Real Housewives of Buckhead or the Real Housewives of OTP Country Club.

UPDATE: Mingaling’s comment reminds me that I should read my own links before posting. The Real Housewives of Metro Atlanta is more correct.

Start your McMansion & gentrification counters to stun.

horray for the plaza.

there is a great article in access atlanta today about the couple that bought and saved the plaza theater:

“It hit us: It’d be cool to try to keep that place open,” Jonathan said. “So we called and said, ‘How much you want for that place?’ I don’t know why. We just did it.”

They met with a broker, looked at the books, stopped by a bank.

Jonathan: “Finally we said, ‘Wow. I guess we can actually do this.'”

The joking stopped. Asking price for eveything but the leased building: $100,000

“I totally remember sitting at the dining room table going, ‘You want to do it? Are you sure we can do this? Maybe we shouldn’t do this,’ ” Gayle recalled.

Jonathan’s tie breaker: “It came down to, ‘I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. Let’s just do it.'”

So like a hipster remake of an old MGM musical, the Rejs did it. Almost two years later, they remain unlikely saviors of Atlanta’s oldest continuously operating movie house. For how much longer remains an open question.

the article goes on to discuss how the bread and butter of the plaza hasn’t been indie films like the owners thought, but rather special events like slasher flicks, grease sing-alongs and art shows in combination with films.

a quick check of the plaza’s web site shows some pretty neat stuff coming up including sideshow art combined with the movie killer klowns from outer space. who could beat that?

h/t to the atlmalcontent who says in his post, “the least cinephiles can do is help them break even by supporting the Plaza, real grass compared to the AstroTurf sameness of the multiplex.”


Dreaming for a Win

Atlanta DreamNow I’m not a sports fan or even that wholly knowledgeable about basketball, but when you’re a new franchise team for a major sports organization and your first season record so far is 0-9…that’s bad, right?

Atlanta Magazine has a poll on their website asking their readers if they would follow the Atlanta Dream. 58% said no, and I’m imagining unless they can pull out a win this season, that percentage may increase. The Dream is working to get fans involved though — right now, you can apply to be an Atlanta Dream fan blogger. Too bad they don’t throw in any nice perks like a free ticket to the game, though. I bet that’d get a lot more people interested.

Atlanta Metroblogging readers, have you been to an Atlanta Dream game this season? What did you think? And do you think the Dream can garner hometown support considering Atlanta’s already fickle relationship with the Hawks?

Change You Can Ctrl+C

Without a doubt, this year’s Presidential primary race has been heated, but Barack Obama has come out on top as the presumptive nominee for the Democratic party. His message of hope and change has caught on and is sweeping the country. People want a part of Obama. People want to be a part of this movement. People like Daniel Blackman, who’s running for State Representative for House District 61 (which covers East Point and Southwest Atlanta).

Mr. Blackman friended me on Twitter a few days ago, so I figured I’d check him out to see what he was all about, since he does cover my district. From his bio:

Daniel Blackman is a 28-year-old husband, father, and friend to many who lives, works and worships in Fulton County. He and his wife Jeanelle live in Southwest Atlanta with their 3 year old son, Anias and their 10 month old son, Zion. His commitment to family and community has fueled his passion to serve as an environmental consultant and community organizer, while his wife Jeanelle is a graphic designer and database administrator who has a passion for mentoring young women. Additionally, the couple co-owns an Atlanta-based graphic design firm called Visual Marketing International.

Nice to know…but does it explain why his website is a poorly blatant rip of Sen. Obama’s?


Ah, so many different ways to go with this one….

This post was not paid for by Daniel Blackman for House District 61.

I’d be surprised if his website was though.

Paging Doctor…Wait, Who Are You?

Another fake doctor was exposed recently here in Atlanta — Eric Perteet. Maybe you’ve heard about him?

“He was a busy man, with a pager and cellphone always sounding. Parishioners at the church where he worshipped didn’t look twice when he came to services in his scrubs.

Nor did his wife, who’d slide over in the pew and smile when he joined her. Dr. Eric Perteet was saving lives, and adding a new dimension to hers, too.

That’s changed with the snap of handcuffs and the clang of a steel jail door.

Perteet is in the Fulton County Jail, charged with impersonating a physician. Officials at Piedmont Hospital, where police arrested him, deny that he ever worked in their emergency room or dealt with patients.

And his wife, Tammi Perteet?

She has a stack of documents that lay out a life built on lies. She has a scrub shirt from the hospital where she dropped her husband off for two months.

She has questions. [link]”

Honestly, I don’t think she should have too many questions. It just sounds like a case of her falling in love and not seeing the signs. How do you marry a doctor and not see his degree? See his office? We’d call that a “high-post brotha” ’round my way. She should’ve done like Teyana Taylor and Google him, baby!

Like I alluded to earlier, this isn’t the first fake doctor exposed here in the A — a few years back, you might remember Tiy-E Muhammad from TBS’ “The Real Gilligan’s Island” got exposed as being a fake doctor even though he was an associate professor at Clark-Atlanta University and running around dubbing himself a psychologist-relationship expert.

So what do you think of these Ph.Don’ts?

You Too Can Be An Alliance Reviewer

As a red-blooded, card-carrying Alliance Theatre subscriber, I can tell you that this year’s season – coincidentally the Theatre’s 40th season – is going to be a real treat. Two August Wilson plays (Radio Golf and Gem of the Ocean), a gospel version of Jesus Christ Superstar featuring Atlanta choirs, a Second City created improv/sketch comedy piece and a live-action version of Andre Benjamin’s Class of 3000, the Alliance is bringing it to the arts community in Atlanta. And now, you can be a part of that by competing to become an Alliance Reviewer for the Alliance Theatre 2008-09 Season blog!

Simply submit a one-page essay on “Why Great Theatre Matters to Atlanta” and e-mail or snail mail it to the Alliance by Monday, June 16 for consideration. Five reviewers will be selected and notified by the end of June, and will get to attend not just all the Alliance and Hertz Stage shows, but also get free tickets for an additional showing!

Of course, I would’ve found out about this after I got my subscriber package, but if you’re a subscriber also, that doesn’t rule you out. Hurry up and submit!

Be an Alliance Reviewer for the 2008-09 Season! [link]

Hosea Williams’ legacy?

Random Atlanta has the details on the unintentionally ironic Marta bus ad.

[Via Rusty]

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