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Pre-Game Warm Ups Improved by 3bijillion %

Word on the street is the Jocks & Jill’s in CNN Center – frequented by people wanting to kill time and grab a bargain buzz before events @ Phillips Arena – is being replaced by Taco Mac. According to the Taco Mac website, however, the new location is situated in the Dome. Maybe it’s both?

Either way, I was going to say “can I get a woot woot?”, but I’d rather have a beer.

maybe not 16, but can you do one ton?

the clean air campaign is looking to you to help take one ton of pollution out of atlanta’s skies over the next year.

it’s actually pretty simple – you just commit to one alternative commute a week. carpool, public transit, bike, walk, telework – anything other than driving alone. the math says that the average atlanta commuter would take one ton of pollution out of the air by doing this once a week.

so what do you say, up for the one ton challenge?

if so you can register here.

i’d tell you about my own experiences becoming a ‘clean’ commuter, but i might get accused of self-righteous preaching again ;-)

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