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merger mania!!!

well it appears that oft-discussed, oft-put off meger between atlanta’s own delta airlines and minneapolis-based northwest may actually be happening as the two airlines agreed to merger terms (ajc here.) while we can debate whether this is a good thing for the airline industry (this author thinks yes), one thing is very clear to me at least.

if the terms of delta’s memo to it’s employees are correct, namely, “the company is named Delta, headquartered in Atlanta;” then this merger is probably a good thing for atlanta and in particular atlanta based flyers.

a few reasons i see –

1) access to northwest’s asia routes. delta is a great carrier to europe but it’s asian routes blow. northwest has a booming hub at tokyo’s narita airport, and a whole slew of asia routes direct from the states out of it’s detroit and msp hubs. this merger will make getting from atlanta to asia a ton easier.

2) access to two more midwestern hubs and their associated regional jet routes. this will open up more destinations in the northern midwest along with more flights.

3) maybe northwest’s service culture will leave a mark on delta’s? just hoping on this one…

anyway, that’s how this (somewhat) frequent flyer sees it. you?

snap poll – dysfunctional government.

who is more dysfunctional?

the lithonia city council


the clayton country school board?


Colin Meloy @ Variety Playhouse

What is it about Variety Playhouse? It’s right there. It’s a terrifically relaxed venue. Yet I almost never go. Except last night I did.

There was a time—not a long time, but a time—when I was bothered by the little scraps of light from cell phones and digital cameras held up from the standing room in front of the stage. It made me think of jack-necks with microphones and two-bit mini-disc devices held together with electrical tape, secretly recording shows back in Chicago. These weren’t keepsake bootlegs or peer-to-peer consolation prizes for folks who couldn’t make the show, back then. They were like clandestine surveillance experts looking for secret messages in the lyrics and, failing to find them, selling off the harmless recordings under the table. These guys were resellers, smuggling in mics and smuggling out contraband—bootleggers of the old-school variety, more Capone than Robin Hood.

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Bring your earplugs

For those of you curious about the collaborative show between Big Boi and the Atlanta Ballet, look no further than Russell’s review.

I’m nearly deaf, but I’m willing to be deafened more.

Involuntary Paintball

Is this a thing that happens? While walking through East Atlanta Village on a Saturday night, my wife and I got shot by paintballs. It was a drive-by by a dark SUV, not two blocks from a cop parked at the Earl. They shot us in the back.

Back in the day, I played paintball a few times, so I already had a pretty good idea what it feels like to be hit: no big deal if you’re dressed for it. That night, we weren’t. I had a red, bruise-colored ring, beaded like it was sweating blood, where I took my hits. My wife took two to the torso, with no lasting damage beyond goopy pink splatters on both of us. No big deal, injury-wise, but what if we’d taken one to the head? The face?

“Get the license plate?” you’re asking. No, we didn’t. It took us a second to realize what had happened. We heard the shots, and the raucous verbal static of a carload of schmucks, but we figured we were hearing a can tossed out of the car, to our bad luck. Or maybe they’d run over something. Then we realized: “Hey… ow. What the hell?”

Truth be told, we couldn’t get that mad. Helplessness, I guess, diffused that. I don’t understand what makes someone think it’s okay to do that, though, so I can’t shake the lingering confusion. I mean, what the hell? Right?

Just how lousy and cowardly is it to drive around popping strangers, you know? How small a person do you have to be?

Vick still playing football?

Oh, yes. In prison.

Via Extra Mustard, who have the money quote:

What are the chances of ESPN televising one of these games? We’d bet it’d get better ratings than Arena Foootball.

Should I just stop mentioning Vick?


Keeping Midtown dimly lit (if at all) since this morning.

[Via Amber on Twitter]

Anyone else thinking of that commercial where the squirrel causes the traffic accident or, perhaps, the farting squirrel ad?

I need to get out more often.

Social Media + Feminism + Sexuality = Sex 2.0

Sex 2.0 - April 12, 2008Unless you’ve been trapped on a deserted island for the past decade or so, the intersection of sex and technology is very prominent. The past five years or so have only built upon that with the popularity of social networks. Orkut, Friendster, MySpace, Facebook…social media is changing the landscape of how we interact. Moreover, we’re also seeing the real-life implications of showing your sexuality online, such as former Arlington, OR mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist and her MySpace photos which cost her job.

Until now, there hasn’t been a real chance to discuss how social media, sexuality and the world today all work with each other! That is, until Sex 2.0.

From their website:

How is social media enabling people to learn, grow and connect sexually? How is sexual expression tied to sexual activism? Does the concept of transparency online offer new opportunties or present new roadblocks — or both?

Sex 2.0 is the brainchild of Atlanta blogger Amber Rhea, who also heads up the Georgia Podcast Network and organized 2007 PodCamp Atlanta. The unconference will be the first of its kind — attendees are welcome to speak or head up side sessions — and will feature several prominent speakers (Audacia Ray and Rachel Kramer Bussel, to name a few) and several Atlanta bloggers, such as Joseph G of monotonous dot net and J. Brotherlove of

The unconference will take place on April 12 and will run from 8:00am – 4:45pm over at 1763~A Deviant Place of Decadence, located in Tucker. Registration will run you $50, and you must be 21 and older to attend.

For more information, including travel, accomodations, and full bios of the speakers, visit

New Video of Tornado damaging CNN

Exclusive to the Atlanta Metblog!

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