some monday satire.

on a bit of a lighter note form my last post, the insanely high-brow economist magazine is actually doing something here in our city. actually it’s funny i wrote that because i have been noticing a ton of ads for the economist popping up on marta buses, so i wonder if we are a focus city for them for some reason.

either way, the economist has teamed up with the performers from second city to present a riff on the art of political satire. the event will be hitting atlanta next monday, the 21st at the alliance theatre at 7:30 pm (details and a pretty funny video here) for the mere price of $15.

the event promises improv and live cartooning, which sounds absurdly interesting.

speaking of videos here is my favorite, a little riff on my chosen candidate :-)

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  1. abby on April 22nd, 2008 @ 1:55 pm

    Did anyone else go to this? I don’t know what I was expecting … but this show was great! Smart and funny. Started with some sketch comedy, then there was a brief panel on political satire with WABE’s John Lemley moderating (he kept making jokes about how the audience was clearly "too conservative" to listen to NPR, the only political comments of the night that I found mildly annoying). On the panel was Kal, the guy that draws the Economist’s cartoon, the director of the Second City show, and a guy from Dad’s Garage. Good stuff, and I thought they integrated local elements into the show pretty well.

    Kal’s "live cartooning" segment was hilarious – reminded me of that old Bill Cosby show (ahh — there it is! Picture Pages – had to google it). He had a big pad of paper and they projected his caricatures onto a huge screen. He showed everyone how to draw a cartoon-y George Bush. We all drew along, funny results.

    The show ended on an improv skit, which reminds me that every single time we go to Dad’s Garage I’m asking myself all night why we don’t go more often.

    Also, Second City said they’re coming back to do an original Atlanta-inspired show in September at the Alliance. It’s called "Too Busy To Hate… Too Hard To Commute." Tickets go on sale this summer. I’ll go back, for sure.

  2. dovetail on April 23rd, 2008 @ 12:24 pm

    Went. Loved it. I thought the crowd was quite well-balanced politically which was refreshing. (I went to see Helen Thomas recently and felt I was at an anti-war protest.) The broad range of skits reminded me of "In Living Color" where they comfortably picked on everyone. They kept it tasteful and smart.

    OK… John Lemely… looked nothing like I thought he would. ‘nuf said.

    I was also reminded (as was probably a goal of the evening) to ask myself why I don’t see as much improv as I’d like and that I should read ‘The Economist’ more often (and not just for the pictures). I’m a fan of local improv but will be nice to freshen up the our scene with 2nd City in the mix this fall.

    $15/ticket was a great price for the evening so the next comment is only a mild annoyance. The service charges were $7 whether or not you bought online or at the box office. A full 50% of one ticket and no break for physically purchasing a ticket at the box office. What’s up with that? If they at least pretended the overhead went to buy Kal some more black magic markers I would have felt better.

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