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Motorcycle Death Sports

So, I driving down to the airport and right at the “Grady Curve” I have 7 motorcycles pass me at – honestly – 80 to 90+ MPH. They are all weaving in and out of traffic and lanes. It’s just like a race was going on around me. I’ve encountered this phenomenon a number of times on the 75/85 corridor. Since I’ve been witness to this type of “death wish” activity so many times, I began to wonder if it’s some sort of underground extreme sport: Racing at amazing speeds down crowded interstate highways. Keep in mind, I’m not talking about the open road here. I’m talking the downtown connector.

Have any of you encountered this phenomenon? I can’t think of anything else to call it. I’m sure I’ve seen these incidents at least 10-15 times in the last year or two. Any thoughts?

What is Wrong with WABE?

What’s the problem over at WABE? It seems like every other day they screw up their timing, cut short a show, or lay out a span of dead air. This morning, after accidentally cutting short an interview with an Atlanta Magazine writer, they put out close to a solid minute of dead air. That’s pretty bad.

In recent months they’ve stopped airings of This American Life after twenty minutes and begun them again. They start shows late. They play their own promos simultaneously with material coming in from the national feed, creating an overlapping jumble of sound.

These are amateurish mistakes. My high-school radio station (where I got my FCC license) was smoother-produced than this. Is this somehow related to the usual NPR station funding problems or what?

Am I the only one bothered by this?

Atlanta in the blogs

From the makers of the bitingly funny Stuff White People Like comes the new blog Stuff Educated Black People Like which apparently includes Moving To Atlanta.


Full Disclosure: I am decidedly not an Educated Black Person but I am a White Person and the first blog is  too-close-to-home accurate so I’m inferring the latter is as well.

Feel free to compare me to Geraldine Ferraro in the comments. ;-)

[h/t james]

that drive up the connector keeps getting more expensive.

the ajc is reporting today that atlanta gas prices have reached an all-time high. citing the web site the paper report that the average price for regular unleaded in the metro is $3.203.

i am curious, and i would love to hear from you solo commuters in the comments, how high is your threshold before you start considering other options.

for those of you already doing so, please feel free to use the comments section of this post to gloat….

p.s. – sorry for the f’ed up links. still learning our new publishing system.


Maybe it’s a sign of the Daily Savings Times or a yearning for St. Patrick’s Day to arrive a wee bit (sorry) early, but I’m worn out this week and I’d much rather be drinking beer than working.

I have a few options:

  1. Wait until the weekend for Monday Night Brewery’s Brewhaha
  2. Wait for the Legislature to OK Sunday Sales
  3. Give up and start boozing immediately

I’m not sure any of those three things will legitimately happen (for me), I’ll advocate the first and the last if you have the motive, means and opportunity.

Happy Tuesday!

calling all chefs

okay, we’ll file this under ‘for what it’s worth’ but it came across my desk and i thought you all might be interested so i will pass it along.

casting directors for new nbc show will be in town this sunday looking for pairs of people to take part in the show. basically they are looking for couples, friends, co-workers etc (you know, the usual types of pairs for reality shows) who want to open their own restaurant together. it’s being billed as a ‘competition show’ so i am betting there will be challenges and voting off and all the other fun stuff.

here are the detatils:

w hotel perimeter, this sunday from 10:00 am to 4 pm.

you are going to need a completed application which you can pick up here along with contact info.

good luck.

Young Blood is Gone?

That’s what we thought when we drove by the Young Blood Gallery down on Glenwood Ave and saw (gasp!) a “For Rent” sign on the lawn and paint thrown over the familiar Young Blood look. Egads!

The good news is, Young Blood is gone only from its old location. Soon(ish?) we’ll see it re-emerge someplace big enough to accommodate it bigger events, bolder shows, and crazier aspirations for the future. (Check out the announcement on the Young Blood site for the official line on the move.) Fingers crossed, it won’t be too long before we see what the new version of the Young Blood Gallery looks like in a new home.

In the meantime, what do you think would be a good fit for that storefront down in Grant Park? Let’s say I wanted to open a store in there… what do you think the odds are that an independent book store or general geek-shop would be able to cut it down there? What would be a good fit, then, since that idea’s doomed?


Admit it.  You know Gladys and you want what she’s cookin’.

Chicken N Waffles

It was a great lunch but I may not need to eat for a day or so.

Stay warm (avoiding potential snow) and Spring forward this weekend!

Clark Howard shops at Costco

A post title like that one is about as blindingly obvious as “Rain: Still Wet” but it isn’t often a gangly, bespectacled man with a nasal voice is beset by a crowd of people at Costco.

At least it isn’t during any of the times I’ve shopped there.

Still, this was about a week and a half ago and I didn’t have the nerve to ask whether he was running for Mayor. Most of the feedback he got was in regard to his radio show.

This was as the Cumberland Mall location, FWIW.

Good to know that the man practices what he <strike>cheaps</strike> preaches.

What, This Old Thing?

You may have noticed the Great Geeks at Metblogs have given us a new dress to wear to the party.

Hopefully it doesn’t make my butt look too big.

As with any make-over, this one will come with a breaking in period where we learn how to put on mascara just like the pros do, and while we work out some kinks (like, oh say, your RSS feeds being dead?).  Kindly bear with us as we make some minor adjustments here and there, and please…look around. Stay a while. We’re happy – as always – to have you.  Most of you, anyway.

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